Jake Webber Releases New Song ‘KMS’ with Johnnie Guilbert

Photo provided by Jake Webber, All Rights Reserved.

Jake Webber is a Kansas born YouTuber, Musician and Social Media Personality who gained his early fame from Vine. In the past, Webber focused on comedy skits and pranks but now focuses his content on ‘Murderabilia’- items that have connections to murders, homicides, serial killers and people who have committed other violent crimes – and music. Now holding over 1.5 Million subscribers on YouTube; Webber started making parody songs and posting them to YouTube in 2017 with fellow YouTubers/musicians; Colby Brock, Sam Golbach, Aaron Doh and Corey Scherer, and has moved on to making serious music as of 2020.

‘KMS’ was released on the 18th May 2022 with an accompanying music video created by Shot By Wiggy. The incredible drumming is by London Hudson, fantastic guitars by SYKOPATH and Derek Lamoreaux and produced excellently by Nick Cates.

‘KMS’, along with Webber’s previous releases, has clear early 2000’s punk/emo influences which are also reflected in the music video. The song begins with an isolated drum before the guitar comes in strong only a few seconds after. ‘Born to lose when I left the womb’ hits you with rich, aggressive punk style vocals that set the stage for the rest of the song. A collaboration that was not expected but needed has left this song with an impressive sonic ambience that perfectly keeps the listener engaged and wanting to listen again. A strong catchy chorus floods your ear

‘if I killed myself right now,
it would take a week for you to find me,
Guess I’m the worst to be around.
My heart can’t beat again
It tries’

The video holds nostalgia for the old school MTV videos with video effects to simulate an old video camera added, bright yellows and reds, and checked patterns fill the screen perfectly matching the vibe of the song. Though the video isn’t narrative-based it still tells the story of punk fun, the clothing, video and song all marry together perfectly to create that long-desired sense of nostalgia all older punks and emo’s dream of.

The response to the song has been incredibly positive with thousands of fans tweeting Webber with supportive messages and thousands of comments on YouTube praising Webber for a fantastic song. Anyone who likes emo, alt or punk music will enjoy the content that Webber makes.

Listen to ‘KMS’ on all platforms Here

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