If You Love To Rock, Then See The LIVE TO ROCK Tour

Pompano Beach, Fl – If you love to rock, then you must see the Live To Rock tour. The tour stops at the Pompano Beach Amphitheater on May 20, 2022 with Quiet Riot, Warrant and Skid Row bringing back the classic days of Hair Metal. The Richter Entertainment Group has Skid Row touring through the end of the summer with support from Quiet Riot and Warrant on this evening. Future dates on the tour include support from Winger and Lita Ford.

The weather this evening casts doubts on what attendance may look like. A very strong thunderstorm traverses South Florida at drive time making it a challenge for fans to reach the venue in time for the night’s opener, Quiet Riot. South Florida fans are used to the afternoon thunderstorms that you can set your watch to, and in true Rock n Roll fashion, not only show up, but do so in mass.


Quiet Riot’s current lineup includes Jizzy Pearl (lead vocals), Rudy Sarzo (bass guitar, backing vocals), Alex Grossi (guitars) and Johnny Kelly (drums). Rudy rejoined Quiet Riot in 2022. Johnny Kelly, of Danzig and Type O Negative fame, has the challenge of filling the void of Frankie Banali who sadly passed away after a long illness in 2020. Johnny is up to the challenge and does justice to Quiet Riot. The big news of course, and probably a huge part of the draw for this South Florida show is the return of Rudy SarzoRudy, while originally from Cuba, grew up in South Florida and has many friends and family in this market. There were many fans chanting “Rudy, Rudy, Rudy”, as he takes to the stage and the band rips into an intro to “Metal Health” only to dive right into “Run for Cover” starting the show with very high intensity. The tempo is slowed a bit about mid set when Rudy takes the mic and dedicates the powerful ballad written as homage to Randy Rhoads as he also dedicates it to the memories of both Kevin Dubrow and Frankie Banali.

Warrant takes the stage next picking up where Quiet Riot leaves off. Warrant opens the set with “All My Bridges are Burning“. It is incredible to see Warrant again and for that matter, the entire current lineup: Steven Sweet (drums), Jerry Dixon (bass), Erik Turner (guitars), Joey Allen (guitars) and Robert Mason (lead vocals). Warrant performs a screaming 13 song set. The band wraps up their power ballad, “Heaven” as Robert Mason yells “Stevie Sweet, gimme a beat” and tears into a hard rock version of Queen’sWe Will Rock You” as only Warrant can do.

Quiet Riot and Warrant turn it up to “11” and the fans are revved and ready for the night’s headliner, Skid Row. The energy in the air is palpable. The fans are abuzz. Skid Row opens their set with the two-time platinum title track to their sophomore release “Slave to the Grind” and the crowd goes wild.  The proceed to play a 14 song set ending with the fan favorite and hit “Youth Gone Wild” from their self-titled debut album. Skid Row members are Dave “Snake” Sabo (guitar, backing vocals), Rachel Bolan (bass, backing vocals), Scotti Hill (guitar, backing vocals), Rob Hammersmith (drums) and Erik Grönwall (lead vocals). Grönwall is the latest addition to the Skid Row lineup and hit the band’s radar due to a fantastic cover of “18 and Life” during his participation in the Swedish version of American Idol.


The band sounds great, the set is tight and the fans really take to Erik on vocals.  There may have been some doubters in the crowd, but after the first couple of tunes, some may have even been asking “Sebastian who?”. Erik’s vocals are powerful and he hits the highs exactly where they belong in such a great way. He truly does justice to the original versions of all the Skid Row songs with his wide vocal range capabilities. Overall, a very impressive set by the boys in Skid Row and a stellar showing for Erik. The set includes many of the fan favorites and during the encore, the band performs the title track of Skid Row’s upcoming album to be released in October called “The Gang’s All Here”


Quiet Riot 

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Set List

  1. Run For Cover
  2. Slick Black Cadillac
  3. Mama Were All Crazy Now
  4. Thunderbird
  5. The Wild and the Young
  6. Lets Get Crazy
  7. Crazy Train (Snippet)
  8. Cum On Feel the Noize
  9. Metal Health


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Set List

  1. All My Bridges Are Burning
  2. The Hole in My Wall
  3. Big Talk
  4. Down Boys
  5. Sometimes She Cries
  6. Machine Gun
  7. Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich
  8. I Saw Red
  9. Louder Harder Faster
  10. Heaven
  11. We Will Rock You (Queen Cover)
  12. Uncle Tom’s Cabin
  13. Cherry Pie

Skid Row

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Set List

  1. Slave to the Grind
  2. The Threat
  3. Big Guns
  4. 18 & Life
  5. Piece of Me
  6. Chain Gang
  7. Psycho Therapy
  8. I Remember You
  9. Sweet Little Sister
  10. Psycho Love
  11. Monkey Business
  12. Making a Mess
  13. Gang’s All Here
  14. Youth Gone Wild

Show Date: May 20, 2022

Remaining Tour Dates:

June 2 – Huber Heights, OH @ Rose Music Center
June 3 – Cincinnati, OH @ Hard Rock
June 4 – Gary, IN @ Hard Rock
June 18 – Lampe, MO @ Black Oak Mountain Amphitheatre
June 25 – Aurora, IL @ RiverEdge Park
July 24 – Temecula, CA @ Pechanga Theater
July 25 – Paso Robles, CA @ California Mid-State Fair
Sept 15 – Lynn, MA @ Lynn Auditorium

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