Folk Road Show Celebrate Last Night Of Unfinished Business Tour In Amsterdam

Folk Road Show playing live at Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam. © Sylvia Wijnands

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – It’s hard to find a band with more different nationalities than Folk Road Show has. From Canada (Nick Petrowich and Dominique Fricot), to Australia ( Benjamin James Caldwell) and to The Netherlands (Olaf Caarls), the indie-folk band has reunited for their Unfinished Business Tour this summer after a break of four years. Tonight at the Tolhuistuin was the end point of the tour that led through various shows and festivals in Germany, France, and The Netherlands.

Starting the show in Folk Road Show style, the band entered the room singing while walking through the crowd towards the stage. They started the show with “Helena” from their first album Folk Road Show. A song in which the band’s polyphonic harmony vocals, something that makes their music so unique, really flourish. The audience, which at first almost shyly stood a little further from the stage, soon shuffled closer. After that it didn’t take long for the crowd to start to move and by the time “Something In The Water” started, dancing was in full swing. Not surprising, since it’s one of their most catchy songs that makes it hard to keep still.

The main act and supporting act were somewhat mixed up tonight. Together with Brea Robbertson, Dominique Fricot forms the duo Flora Falls. For this tour, Brea is an extra member of the Folk Road Show, but Flora Falls also performed some of their songs as a duo this evening, like “Winter” and “Brother”. The music of Flora Falls is very atmospheric and a bit more intimate. And although Brea plays in Folk Road Show as if she has always been part of the band, her voice really comes into its own in this music. Together with Dominique’s voice, they blend together very nicely and really complement each other. I’m sure that in addition to the Folk Road Show CDs, people have been persuaded to buy a Flora Falls album as well.

After a few songs, the rest of the band got back up the stage and the show continued with “Miss Ohio”, followed by “Sleep On My Shoulder”. Folk Road Show knows how to involve every one there in the show, by going into the audience or inviting them for a small dancing competition during “Thought You’d Never Ask”. The prize for the two best dancers was a Folk Road Show mug and it was clear that it was a wanted prize because the audience went wild. It was great to see everyone from the band to the crowd having a blast! This was not the last surprise of the evening. Former band member Pieter Van Vliet joined the band to play some songs together as they used to. It was a special moment for both the band and the audience.

Folk road show always manages to turn the concert into a party, without sacrificing the quality of the music. I highly recommend visiting one of their concerts if you ever get the chance. Let’s hope we won’t have to wait another four years for the next tour!

Folk Road Show live in Amsterdam, 2023
Photos © Sylvia Wijnands 2023-09-05

Show Date: September 5, 2023