Fairhazel Releases Catchy Nostalgic Single ‘Broadhurst Gardens’

Fairhazel. Photo courtesy of Taller Mgmt, All Rights Reserved.

“Broadhurst Gardens” is the instantly likable new single by British/South African singer Hugh McDonald who goes by the moniker Fairhazel. The melodic song is jaunty, whimsical, and has a driving and catchy beat that is unforgettable and that easily bears repeat plays because it’s an irresistible earworm. There’s very strong Beatles, early Harry Nilsson, and Pink Floyd influence, so the single is very familiar and feels nostalgic, yet Fairhazel gives the quirky track its new original and eccentric English flavor.

“Broadhurst Gardens” is a place the music listener wants to return to again and again, whetting one’s appetite for more new material. Farihazel wrote the song of self-expression and discovery, created the expansive arrangements, was responsible for the detailed production, expertly played all the instruments with a deep warmth dynamism, and engineered the single. Fairhazel has established himself as a musical storyteller with a gift for blurring the lines between fiction and true stories, and with “Broadhurst Gardens,” the unique artist delivers on that talent with a beyond satisfying single.

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