Disturbed Lights Up The Kia Center In Orlando, Fl During The Take Back Your Life Tour

Orlando, FlDisturbed, on the second US leg of the “Take Back Your Life” tour plays to thousands of fans at the Kia Center in Orlando, Fl on February 26, 2024. During this leg of the tour, Disturbed has support from the all girl group, Plush and also, Falling in Reverse.

Disturbed takes the KIA Center in Orlando, Fl by storm like a force of nature as they headline the “Take Back Your Life” tour at the Kia Center. The evening is charged with energy from start to end, thanks to the stellar performances by both Plush and Falling In Reverse, and the headlining act itself.

Kicking off the night, Plush sets the stage on fire with their electrifying blend of hard rock and metal. Their powerful riffs and catchy melodies ignite the crowd. Plush’s members are Moriah Formica (Lead Vocals / Guitar), Ashley Suppa (Bass), Bella Perron (Guitar) and Faith Powell (Drums). Plush’s short set list includes “Hate”, “Athena”,  and a great cover of “Barracuda” by Heart. The ladies deliver a powerful performance and set the tone and the bar for the bands that follow.

Following Plush’s high-energy set, Falling In Reverse takes the stage and elevates the excitement to another level. Frontman Ronnie Radke’s commanding presence and raw vocals captivate the audience from the first note, while the band delivers a flawless performance that showcases their versatility and musicianship. In addition to Ronnie Radke (Vocals), Falling in Reverse band members include Max Georgiev (Guitar), Christian Thompson (Guitar), Tyler Burgess (Bass)  and Luke Holland (Drums). Mixing elements of metalcore, punk, and pop, Falling In Reverse delivers a set that was as dynamic as it was memorable, leaving the crowd buzzing with adrenaline.

But tonight belongs to Disturbed, who delivers a powerhouse performance, filled with enough pyro to put Satan’s hell to shame and leaves no doubt about their status as one of rock’s most formidable acts. From the moment they take the stage, the band has the crowd in the palm of their hand, commanding their attention with every riff and lyric as they push through “Hey You”. Frontman David Draiman’s iconic vocals fill the venue, sending shivers down the spines of every attendee. Backing David in Disturbed are Dan Donegan (Guitar), John Moyer (Bass) and Mike Wengren (Drums). Disturbed jumps literally and figuratively into their anthem, and crowd favorite, “Stupify“. As you look over the crowd your swear you see “Ten Thousand Fists” in the air as the band tears into the song by the same name.

Drawing from their extensive catalog of hits, Disturbed delivers a setlist that satisfies both die-hard fans and casual listeners alike. Classics like “Down With the Sickness” and “Stricken” incite raucous sing-alongs, while newer tracks from their latest album showcases the band’s continued evolution and relevance in today’s music scene. The mosh pit, teeming with activity, sees what can only be described as a sea of people, enjoying the show and the physicality of the pounding, flailing and moshing.

But perhaps one of the most poignant moment of the night comes during their performance of “The Sound of Silence,” a hauntingly beautiful cover that showcases Draiman’s vocal prowess and the band’s ability to convey emotion with every note. As lighters and cell phones illuminate the arena, it is clear that Disturbed strikes a chord with their audience on a profound level. Other notable moments include the duet with Plush’s Moriah Formica, who joins Disturbed on stage to perform Don’t Tell Me, a song recorded originally with Heart’s Ann Wilson. David also takes a moment to bring a couple of fans on stage while the band performs “The Light“. Of note is David speaking to Sophia, a young lady who cried at a previous Disturbed show out of fear. On this night, Sophia is fearless and not only joins the band on stage, but also provides a couple of gifts for David.

Overall, the “Take Back Your Life” tour stop in Orlando is an unforgettable night of rock and metal music at its finest. With powerful performances from Plush, Falling In Reverse, and Disturbed, it is a testament to the enduring power of live music to unite and inspire. As the crowd spills out of the Kia Center, still buzzing with excitement, it is clear that they have been witness to something truly special. The tour continues through March 3, 2024 with a final stop in Las Vegas, NV.



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Set List

  1. Hey You
  2. Stupify
  3. Ten Thousand Fists
  4. Prayer
  5. Bad Man
  6. A Reason to Fight (Preceded by a David Speech… more )
  7. Guitar Solo
  8. Land of Confusion (Genesis cover)
  9. The Vengeful One
  10. Drum Solo
  11. The Game
  12. The Sound of Silence (Simon & Garfunkel cover)
  13. Bass Solo
  14. Indestructible
  15. Don’t Tell Me (with Moriah Formica)
  16. The Light
  17. Stricken
  1. Unstoppable
  2. Down With the Sickness
  3. Inside the Fire

Falling In Reverse

Set List

  1. Zombified
  2. I’m Not a Vampire
  3. Losing My Mind
  4. Fuck You and All Your Friends
  5. The Drug in Me Is You
  6. Just Like You
  7. Popular Monster
  8. Voices in My Head
  9. Watch the World Burn


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Set List

  1. Athena
  2. Champion
  3. Run
  4. Barracuda (Heart cover)
  5. Hate
  6. Hope It Hurts
  7. Left Behind

Show Date: February 26, 2024

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