Deceased and Abominog at Songbyrd DC

Deceased performing at Songbyrd DC in Washington, D.C. on 08.10.2023. Photo Credit: Robert Escue

Washington, D.C. – Arlington, Virginia OSDM heavyweights Deceased came to decimate Songbyrd with local support from Falls Church Abominog, thrashers Desolus and tour support by New York’s grindcore colossus Escuela Grind.

Starting the evening off with thrash metal to get the crowd moving, Deslous played a short set of songs off of their upcoming release. Although I couldn’t find out much about the band and the setlist is incomplete, I did see that they are influenced by German thrash metal which I find interesting considering most thrash bands tend to be influenced by American thrash more. To me that German influence adds an edge to their music that I like. If you get a chance to see these guys, check them out.



System Shock
The Invasion Begins

For most of the younger members of the audience, the most anticipated band was Escuela Grind, who wasted no time in whipping the crowd into a mosh-fueled frenzy as lead singer Katerina Economou sang, karate-chopped, shook her ass and led the verbal assault. For the fans wanting to see Deceased and Abominog they got a taste of one of the most energetic bands touring today. Escuela Grind is back on the road and playing dates through October 22nd. You have two opportunities to see them in October when they play Baltimore Soundstage on the 13th and the Canal Club in Richmond on the 14th supporting Baroness. If you haven’t seen them, what are you waiting for!!!???


Escuela Grind SETLIST

Endowed with Windows
My Heart My Hands
Forced Collective Introspection
All is Forgiven
Ball and Chain
Punishment Ritual
Meat Magnet
Filth (Hatebreed Cover)

The last time I saw Abominog was almost two years ago with Deceased at Pie Shop DC. This was the band’s return to form show and they have played a few shows since that time. Lead singer Chris Yuastella mentioned that the band is working on new material which is cool. Their set consisted of songs from their 1990 demo “Resting in Your Grave” and 1995’s “Chaos Unleashed”. The band sounded great and Chris was true to form screaming to the crowd to “kill each other”. This is what I like about Abominog, fun and brutality!!!


Abominog SETLIST

Uncontrollable Hatred
A Friend Called Pain
Extinction of Your Thoughts
Chaos Unleashed
Hypnotic Misery

Seeing Deceased live is an experience unlike what most people would expect from a death metal band. As my friend Chris Birch of DC Heavy Metal said “I’m not sure there’s anyone that has more fun fronting a death metal band than King Fowley of Deceased!” King punks the band members and toys with the crowd while singing, it is different and unique to Deceased and King Fowley. The band does get serious about the music and they pulled out a special surprise when they played “Planet Graveyard” a song they had not performed live in 30 years!!!!! For fans of OSDM this was a very special night.


Deceased SETLIST

Night of the Deceased
Psychedelic Warriors
Fading Survival
Shrieks from the Hearse
13 Frightened Souls
A Dark Chilling Heartbeat
Planet Graveyard
Fearless Undead Machines

Show Date: 8.10.2023