Cemetery Skyline Releases New Single/Video, “In Darkness”

Cemetery Skyline Photo credit: Sam Jamson

From Press Release:

After summoning a “Violent Storm” in early April,
Cemetery Skyline is now shrouding you “In Darkness“. 

“It is a song about losing your sense of self in all kinds of misery and doubt”, says Mikael Stanne (vocals) about the lyrics of the song, while Santeri Kallio (keyboards) sheds light on the music: “I like to think that people feel the melody and the vibe with this one. It’s taking me back to a gothic disco in Düsseldorf in ’96. There is a lot of smoke, a lot of lights, good melodies, a nice and steady beat.” Markus Vanhala (guitar) further elaborates: “After the first single, it shows a different side of goth. Goths like to dance…in darkness. Dancing with themselves or with myself, like Billy Idol once said, who had a valid point.”

Check outIn Darkness“: 


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