Celebration of Charlie Parker 100th Birthday

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Legendary musician Charlie Parker, who had a nickname of “Yardbird” or just simply “Bird”, will be celebrated with a special Jazz performance Saturday, July 25th, and August 1. The American jazz saxophonist and composer were responsible for the Bebop form of jazz and his legacy will be celebrated. The event is presented by Capital One City Parks Foundation SummerStage.

The festival will celebrate Charlie Parker’s 100th birthday (August 29, 1920). the Jazz performances will include:

  • Saturday, July 25th: SummerStage Anywhere Sessions (SummerStage Instagram, SummerStage YouTube, Facebook page and Twitch) at 8:00 PM EST with Jazz Multi-Instrumentalist, Composer, Arranger, DJ, Music Director, and Educator Miguel Atwood-Ferguson featuring a live Q&A before the debut of exclusive footage from his August 23, 2012 performance at the Charlie Parker Jazz Festival.
  • Saturday, August 1st: Historic Park walks in the East Village followed by a Soundcheck: Curator Conversation with Executive Artistic Director of SummerStage Erika Elliott and long-time Charlie Parker Jazz Festival producer Sam Turvey at a TBD time on the SummerStageYouTube, Twitch, Facebook and Instagram pages. This performance will celebrate the 100th birthday of Charlie Parker with a tour of the neighborhood where he lived.

For more information about the event or about the City Parks Foundation SummerStage, please go to SummerstageAnywhere.org for details.