Butcher Babies Slay the Stage with a Killer Performance in the Mile High City

Butcher Babies performed at The Oriental Theater in Denver, CO on 09/07/2021. Photo Credit:© Veronica Vera 2021

Denver, CO – From the start of the show, the energy from the bands were killer. Purge the Heretics came on stage with a set mixed with new and old songs. A Denver based band, the crowd was very familiar with their music and the energy rose to a crazy temper. Every song is unique, but all have the same energy and the crowd got into it from the first note. Corina Marie ripped the vocals out with such passion and energy. Lead guitarist Chris Sutton was center stage putting on a truly magical show with his performance. Bassist Buddy Fitzpatrick and drummer, Jared Maio immense talent was undeniable throughout their entire set. What a way to start a show!

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As Stitched Up Heart came to the stage next, the crowd was already primed for a party to remember. Drummer Jamie Decker started us off with a fast-paced beat as the band came on stage. Alecia ‘Mixi’ Demmer came out with that memorable turquoise hair, thrashing and head banging as she belted out those vocals. Bassist Randy Mathias and guitarist Merritt Goodwin leapt onto the platforms as the fog machines engulfed them, making for one hell of a stage show. This band worked the crowd like a boxer in the ring. The mosh pit grew to a frenzy as they rocked us with epic songs. One of the highlights of their set was when Mixi grabbed her guitar and thrashed out with Merritt center stage.

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This tour is the first time that Infected Rain has toured in the United States. They came out to a pitch black stage and Lena Scissorhands started singing a softer melody, but as the song reached a fever pitch, the lights came on causing a killer light show to begin the set. Her infamous multicolored dreads swinging around, mixed with strobes, showed us why they should tour in the States more often. Guitartist Vidick and Sergey Babich with Bassist Vladimir Babici rocked those strings like no other. Collectively, their energy was on a scale that few have seen. Drummer Eugen sadistic beats, swayed the crowd to new heights.

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The LA based band Butcher Babies came out to a roaring crowd so amped to see them that it was almost deafening. Heidi Shepard and Carla Harvey came out in matching vinyl outfits and dyed hair to start the show with “I Smell a Massacre”. With a mixture of songs from all their albums to date, it was a set that you didn’t want to miss a moment of. They rocked some of their best songs in the set such as, “Monsters Ball”, “The Deathsurround”, and “They’re Coming to Take Me Away”, just to name a few. Bassist Ricky Bonazza showed out with his epic skills and stage presence. Guitarist Henry Flury’s glow in the dark striped guitar stole the show in moments of darkness. Chase Brickenden kept that rhythmic pace on drums and put on a killer show himself.

The entire show, from start to finish, was highly energetic and memorable! The Oriental Theater was filled with all their excited, cheering fans. A fantastic show presented by Achors Aweigh. Butcher Babies with Infected Rain and Stitched Up Heart are currently on tour here in the states. You don’t want to miss their next show!

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