Bears In Trees Never Fail to Impress and New Single, Precipitation, is No Exception

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Self-proclaimed “Dirtbag Boy Band”, Bears In Trees, never fail to impress. Comprised of Nick Peters (He/Him) on Guitar, Iain Gillespie (They/Them) on Bass and Vocals, Callum Litchfield (He/Him) on Piano, Ukulele and Vocals, and George Berry (He/Him) on Drums; the band formed in 2014 after Iain, Nick and Callum started playing music together in high school. Later down the line in college, the trio met George, uniting to form the Bears In Trees we know and love today. The South-London based band have grown a strong, dedicated international following across many platforms, hosting game nights and meme award ceremonies on their discord server, The Sandbox.

Speaking of never failing to impress, the band has just released their latest single ‘Precipitation’, gaining an overwhelmingly positive response from fans. ‘I am already in love w this song’, one fan comments. ‘im convinced you don’t know how to write a bad song’, another comments whilst a release party was being held both on the band’s Twitch and Discord. As the band took to Instagram to celebrate the release, we were treated to an insight into the meaning behind the song;

‘precipitation is a song about reconstructing your sense of self by focusing on the beauty that can surround you at every moment. it’s about building healthy relationships, and helping each other feel safe enough to grow – reminding yourself to slow down and take your time despite the chaos that can surround us all.
all summer long is an era that exists inside and outside of summer. it isn’t about the season, it’s about the feeling. it’s about summer evenings in the skatepark when i was too scared to try ramps and walks home at 4am watching dusk turn into dawn. all summer long is the sunset that never ends.
our new single, precipitation, is out everywhere now. i hope it gives you the same sense of hope it gave me.’

The band explains. Taking to Twitter (at 22:22pm) to announce the song, positivity flooded the comments there as well. With such great songs and talent paired with a kind and passionate fan base, it’s no wonder why this band are ever-growing. It’s easy to say this band is one to keep an eye on.

Find Bears In Trees Online –
Instagram | Facebook | Discord | Spotify | Twitter | ‘Precipitation’

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