A Summer Party In November, Miami Horror Brings The Sun

Miami Horror Playing At Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam © Sylvia Wijnands

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Coming all the way from Melbourne, Australia, Miami Horror begins their European tour here in Amsterdam, to celebrate the (belated) 10th anniversary of their debut album Illumination. Tonight they can finally play their show filled with refreshing indietronica with influences of the 70s post-punk and 80s disco, house after the show has been postponed for more than two years.

The support act of tonight is the dutch artist Figi. He is on a mission to bring Boogie back to the 21st century as he states in his bio on Spotify. Figi is a solo project, but for his live performance, he brings a bassist and guitarist. Although not (yet) fairly well known he probably has won some people over with his hypnotizing beats and dreamy vocals. As the set went on more and more people came loose and let themselves be carried away by the music. A perfect warm-up for the main act. Most of the songs that were played are from his debut album 2099, that has been released this year. The song that stood out to me the most was his single “Out Of Touch” so definitely check that one out!

It has been a drizzly wet day here in Amsterdam, but as soon as Miami Horror started playing their first song “All It Ever Was” the cold was expelled and it felt like summer again. The energy was high and stayed like that the whole show. Vocalist TC Milan knew how to get the crowd’s attention right away. The second song “I Look To You” brought the second vocalist of the evening Reva Devito to the stage. Dependent on the song they swapped places, leaving the stage for the other to return or with some songs like “Love Like Mine” they sang together. The chemistry between them and also the band was excellent. With that infectious chemistry, they quickly won over the crowd and it didn’t take long before it became one big dance party.

Most of the songs that were played came from their debut album Illumination. Even though the album is more than ten years old, many fans have remained loyal from the start. As the vocalists danced across the stage like whirlwinds, each song was loudly sung along. Along with pieces from other albums like In addition to songs from Illumination, songs from other albums such as “Colours In The Sky” and “Leila” were played, as well as the latest singles “Restless” and “Luv Is Not Enough” (both released in 2020). The set was closed with their biggest hit “Sometimes” and for the encore, “Emagination” from a B-side of Illumination was played. Miami Horror promised to come back soon and I’m sure everyone who was here tonight can’t wait to see them again!

The European tour has just started, for more information and tickets go HERE.

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1. All It Ever Was
2. I Look To you
3. Leila
4. Love Like Mine
5. Cellophane ( So Cruel)
6. Moon Theory
7. Getting There From Here (Poolside cover)
8. Restless
9. Holidays
10. (Into The Night)
11. Colours In The Sky
12. Luv Is Not Enough
13. Echoplex
14. Summersun
15. Real Slow
16. Sometimes
17. Emagination (B-Side)

Show Date: November 7, 2022