Whitehall Announces New Album In April

album Swordfish Catcher
Image courtesy of Big Picture Media 2021

South Carolina Indie-rock band Whitehall, announced the release date of their new album Swordfish Catcher. The new album is Swordfish Catcher and the scheduled release date is April 2, 2021. The album was recorded by the band at Rialto Row in Charleston, SC, and produced by Preston Dunnavant. Swordfish Catcher was mastered by Matt Garber at For The Record Mastering.

“We wrote Swordfish Catcher as a deep dive into everything we were feeling at the time – new relationships, old ones, and beginning to tour regularly. We were excited and optimistic but still wary and anxious. All of those emotions coexisted and combined into the record’s landscape. This is our account of exploring new territories and finding deeper understanding in familiar ones.” -Vocalist Paddy McKiernan

Photo Credit: Mia Naome Photography. Image courtesy of Big Picture Media.

Members of Whitehall include Whitehall is Paddy McKiernan (vocals/guitar), Avery Greeson (guitar), Davis Rowe (drums) and Brennan Clark (bass). The new album and be found at whitehalltheband.com

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