Union Kain Releases New EP “Black Dawn”

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With everything that has happened in the year 2020 such as COVID-19, unemployment, and of course the Murder Hornets…we can not forget them. It seems fitting to be reviewing Union Kain’s new EP, Black Dawn. Union Kain is based out of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and the formation started when in 2016 Brizzy Dee answered a local advertisement about seeking a drummer for a band. From there the band started to grow when Brizzy Dee and Kain started searching for members for their new group.

They found a second guitarist for the group Jay the Worst, whose guitar playing can be heard on Black Dawn. Jay the Worst and Kain guitar playing complementing each other on tracks like ‘Battles Within’, ‘Black Dawn’, and ‘Lake Of Fire’.

Next, as they say, the group needed a “bottom or low end”.  That when Kain and Brizzy Dee found then Big $.  When you listen to Big $ and Brizzy Dee play on the EP, it is obvious how tight these two are musically.

The band was complete in 2017 when the group found their vocalist Glazergirl. Completing the unique sound of today for the metal group, her voice adds a unique layer to the EP. A good example is on ‘The Master’ and ‘Your Own Kind’, where the listener can hear her range.

Union Kain
Union Kain members include Glazergirl (vocals), Kain (guitars), Jay the Worst (guitars), Big $ (bass), and Brizzy Dee (drums). Image courtesy of TAG Publicity 2020

Many of the songs on Black Dawn EP, were written by the duo of Brizzy and Kain before the band was formed and was recorded in the studio with MT Productions (according to Union Kain website/press release). The EP covers many of the issues/subject matters that many people have may have seen this year.

While listening to the Black Dawn EP, the listener cannot help but hear how tight Union Kain has become since the formation in 2017. As mentioned the subject matter of the track cover the dark side of things but it also show musically how we can overcome issues. It is worth a listen to. Scheduled to be released on July 18, 2020, the eight-track EP songs cover internal fight, post-apocalypse, and even choices. The album can be found or streamed on Spotify, Apple Music, and Iheart.com.

Band Members:
  • Glazergirl (Vocals) 
  • Kain (Guitars) 
  • Jay the Worst (Guitars) 
  • Big $ (Bass)
  • Brizzy Dee (Drums)
EP Track List:
  1. Battles Within (3:34)
  2. Black Dawn (4:03)
  3. Lake Of Fire (4:41)
  4. Persistence (3:33)
  5. Plan B (3:21)
  6. The Master (3:39)
  7. Waiting For The World To End (3:41)
  8. Your Own Kind (4:05)

Rating: 8.0
Release Date: 2020-18-07
Label: Independent
Runtime: 30:37

Links: Website || Facebook || Instagram || Spotify || YouTube

Union Kain: Black Dawn
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union-kain-releases-new-ep-black-dawnBand: Union Kain<br> Album: Black Dawn<br> Label: Independent<br> Release Date: 18 July 2020<br /> Runtime: 30:37