Trinity Cymbals Signs Legendary Drummer Bernard “Pretty” Purdie

Trinity Cymbals signs Bernard "Pretty" Purdie to their Endorsed Artist Roster on 4-04-2022. Photo courtesy of Trinity Cymbals.

Fredericksburg, VATrinity Cymbals of the Canales Music Management Group, LLC announced today that they have signed music legend Bernard “Pretty” Purdie to their roster. Purdie will act as a Featured Artist for Trinity Cymbals, representing and promoting the company.

Bernard “Pretty” Purdie is a strong addition to the Trinity lineup. Purdie is an influential R&B, soul, and funk musician, and is well known for his precise musical time keeping and his signature use of triplets against a half-time backbeat: the “Purdie Shuffle.” Purdie, born in Elkton, MD in 1939, entered the music scene in New York in the early 1960’s, with his first hit “Mikey and Sylvia.” He has performed extensively with Aretha Franklin, and other big names including James Brown, Steely Dan, The Rolling Stones, Miles Davis, and Hall and Oates. He most recently performed as the drummer for the 2009 Broadway revival of Hair. He was inducted into the Modern Drummer Hall of Fame in 2013.

Trinity Cymbals is an up-and-coming company that re-launched in 2021. Under the umbrella of the Canales Music Management Group, LLC, Trinity is headed up by its CEO, Robert Rodriguez, and its COO, Lynn Rodriguez. Robert became involved with the Trinity Cymbals company three years ago as an endorsed artist. Since then, he has acquired the company and has been working hard to provide high end products, along with a high level of personal service. Trinity’s motto is “The Cymbals, The Services, The Artists.” The Canales Music Management Group will continue to offer music and tour management services, and will be expanding into Nashville, TN in 2023.