Through the Smoke and Into the Light, Appears Ghost and Nothing More

Cardinal Corpia from Ghost at DeltaPlex Arena in Grand Rapids, Mi on 10/14/2019 | Photographer ©Kim Zahnow 2019

Grand Rapids, Michigan – Swedish metal band Ghost, with special guests Nothing More, brought the whole show to the Deltaplex Arena on October 14, 2019. Ghost’s megafans were dressed in costume and were ready for the experience of Ultimate Tour Named Death. 

Performing “Ashes” from their 2018 album Prequelle, the nameless and extraordinary talented Ghouls and Ghoulettes opened. Vocalist, Cardinal Copia made his grand entrance with a mind-blowing performance of “Rats”. Fans knew immediately that they were at the show of a lifetime that included a cathedral-like set, stained glass backdrop, metal, riffs, pyro, and theatrics. The show continued with powerful performances of “Absolution”, “Faith” and “Mary on a Cross”

If you are just learning about this Grammy Award-winning band, Ghost, you may be curious about these masked and nameless musicians. Ghost consists of an eight member band that are anonymous. The creator and lead vocalist, Tobias Forge is the only member that has been unmasked. Consider for a moment the passion behind these masks. The artist, the musician that creates a masterpiece throughout the world but is not known. They want the focus to be on the art, not the artist. What we do know is that the Ghouls and Ghoulettes fly in from all over the world for performances. They have had famous guitarist such as Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters perform without anyone knowing. GENIUS! The best guitar players in the world can perform for a night with secrecy. There is a story here that may one day be revealed and if it is, we will have been a part of something for the journals of rock history.

Looking at the detailed costumes and set, you may notice satanic symbolism and lingo. Wait, don’t go! This is common in the world of metal and Ghost has incorporated this into their thematic masterpiece. This is not to be confused with satanism. Ghost is not a band of satanic worshipers trying to steal your soul.  This band is quality music and theatre that should not be missed.

The 20 song set includes songs from all four Ghost albums that range from heavier metal like “Mummy Dust” as cannons shoot money into the air to instrumentals like “Helvetesfonster”.  A highlight of the evening was the dueling guitar battle transitioning between “Devil Church” to “Cirice”.  Papa Nihil appeared with his engaging sax performance during “Miasma”

The show closed with a new song “Kiss the Go-Goat” and the famous “Dance Macabre”. The band expressed their gratitude to their fans for being a part of their success and granted one last crowd favorite “Square Hammer.”  I want to encourage you to see this tour. You do not need to be a metal lover to enjoy this concert, the theatre and show is a fantastic rush. 

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Ghost Set List:
  1. Ashes
  2. Rats
  3. Absolution
  4. Faith
  5. Mary on a Cross
  6. Devil Church
  7. Cirice
  8. Miasma
  9. Ghuleh/Zombie Queen
  10. Helvetesfonster
  11. Spirit
  12. From the Pinnacle to the Pit
  13. Ritual 
  14. Satan Prayer
  15. Year Zero
  16. He Is
  17. Mummy Dust
  18. Kiss the Go-Goat
  19. Dance Macabre
  20. Square Hammer


American rock band, Nothing More, joined Ghost for this six-week tour. Opening the night, the four-member band, Johnny Hawkins (vocals), Daniel Oliver (bass), Mark Vollelunga (guitar), and Ben Anderson (drums) exploded on stage with “Let’em Burn.” Their energy was contagious through their 10 song set that included their famous “Bassinator” prop that allowed Johnny, Daniel, and Mark to jam at once during “Bass Solo.”

Even with the anticipation of Ghost, you can easily lose yourself in their riffs, dynamics, and kinetic thrills. “Jenny” and the new hit “Fadein/Fadeout” gave us a glimpse of the depth and ballad side of Nothing More. The set ended with “First of The Year” and Johnny’s wicked “Scorpion Tail” prop that lifts him 14 feet in the air as he performs. Next year Nothing More plans to focus on their new album. Check out this tour if you can! This is one of the great bands of our time!

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Nothing More Setlist:
  1. Let’em Burn
  2. Christ Copyright
  3. Don’t Stop
  4. Bass Solo
  5. Go to War
  6. Jenny
  7. Fadein/Fadeout
  8. Ocean Floor
  9. This Is The Tie
  10. First of the Year

Show Date: October 14, 2019