The War On Drugs New Masterpiece Album ‘I Don’t Live Here Anymore’

The War On Drugs - I Don't Live Here Anymore

American indie-rock band The War On Drugs have returned with their brand new fifth album. After the very well-received albums Lost In The Dream (2014) and A Deeper Understanding (2017), which elevated the band to stadium-level success, the long-awaited next album I Don’t Live Here Anymore has been released on 10/29.

Despite the pressure the band must have felt after the huge success of the two previous albums and winning a Grammy Award for Best Rock Album, The War On Drugs has kept its recognizable sound. It is still hypnotizing and dreamlike, with enough space for epic guitar riffs and melodic lines. This time the 1980’s rock influences (like Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, and Bryan Adams) and synthpop seem more prominent than before but the music still feels timeless.

“Living Proof” is the opening track and was also the first single being released before the album. It is a stripped-back song with lyrics filled with self-reflection and changes with a minimalistic guitar solo to end the song. Themes like changes in relationships and lives, search for meaning and purpose can be found throughout the album. As Adam Granduciel, singer of the band, told Vanity Fair the record is about “growing up, getting older, but also growing out of yourself and into something new.”

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The second single that was released is the title track “I Don’t Live Here Anymore”. It is an uplifting sounding track with a euphoric chorus with backup vocals brought by Lucius. It is one of the high points of the album and has a vibe to it to get in the car and go on a spontaneous road trip. “I Don’t Wanna Wait” and “Victim” are other highlights with their heavy guitar hooks, a sound The War On Drugs is celebrated for. 

Watch the video for “I Don’t Live Here Anymore”:

While the sound of this record may not be very different from the last two records, it still is a masterpiece. In my opinion, one of the most important things about music is that you can enjoy listening to it, that it moves you in any kind of way emotionally and this is exactly what I Don’t Live Here Anymore can bring. I’ve been listening to this record on repeat for the past week and I will continue to do so!


  1. Living Proof
  2. Harmonia’s Dream
  3. Change
  4. I Don’t Wanna Wait
  5. Victim
  6. I Don’t Live Here Anymore (feat. Lucius)
  7. Old Skin
  8. Wasted
  9. Rings Around My Father’s Eyes
  10. Occasional Rain

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