The Underground Thieves Release Newest Single and Video For “Whole Lotta Money”

The Underground Thieves
The Underground Thieves. (l-r) Anthony Montesano, Justin DiFebbo, Brian Weaver, Nick Perri, Michael Montesano, Zil Fessler. Image courtesy of Nick Perri. Photo Credit: © Derek Brad.

The Underground Thieves are a collective group of accomplished musicians from all walks of life and genres. Put together by former Silvertide, Perry Farrell and Shinedown guitarist Nick Perri, the core members consist of drummer Zil Fessler, singer/songwriter brothers Anthony and Michael Montesano, former Silvertide bandmate and bassist Brian Weaver, and keyboardist Justin DiFebbo, all of whom originate from Philidelphia, PA. The band has also featured several well-accomplished musicians on their single releases called ‘Chapters’, which has included Jimmy Gnecco, Lauren Victoria, Walt Lafty, John Bach, Hannah Gernand, and Brother Sal, as well as many others. 

The throwback California desert sound is what the band has become known for, and their newest single and accompanying video release is no exception. ‘Chapter 8’ is the next story in a set of 12, planned by Nick Perri and titled, “Whole Lotta Money”. The videos for most of their single releases are more like short featurettes, telling one story after another as they are released. Among Perri’s renowned guitar playing, “Whole Lotta Money” also showcases his strong vocal talent, which fit the style and sound of this song perfectly. “Whole Lotta Money” has an excellent 70’s throwback to a blues guitar fuzz vibe to it. Accompanied by the funk of Brian Weaver’s bass and Justin DiFebbo’s Hammond Organ, along with solid drumming by Zil Kessler and the harmonic vocals of the Montesano brothers, they round out this perfect Summer song. The kind of song where you you want to just roll down your windows and crank up the volume as you cruise down the freeway, “Feelin’ Good”.

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