The Revivalists Release “Kid”, New Studio Album ‘Pour It Out Into The Night’ Planned June 2nd

(Photo Credit: Alysse Gafkjen)

The Revivalists, an eight-piece rock ‘n’ roll collective, have released their new lead single “Kid” today with an accompanying music video and have also announced their fifth studio album Pour It Out Into The Night, set for release on June 2nd by Concord Records.

“‘Kid’ is about capturing the essence of life,” says vocalist/guitarist David Shaw. “We all go through ups and downs. Sometimes, we don’t believe in ourselves. We’ve got skeletons in the closet trying to drag us down.
But you’ve got to believe in yourself. You’ve just got to live for the spirit. Nothing good ever comes easy. If you don’t have hope, what do you have?”

to listen to “Kid” and presave/preorder Pour It Out Into The Night. Each preorder includes an instant download of “Kid.”

“David and I wrote the bulk of ‘Kid’ on January 6, 2021. My wife was one month pregnant with our twins

and also we were getting realtime updates on the insurrection at the Capitol,” shares guitarist Zack Feinberg. “There was a lot of intense energy swirling around us that day as we were trying to stay focused

on this exciting, beautiful thing we were channeling.”

The music video was directed by Johnny Chew and features
 stopmotion animation against a backdrop paying homage to the architectural and artistic aesthetics defining the band’s home of New Orleans. Watch Here:


“Kid” introduces Pour It Out Into The Night, described as a lifeaffirming album about living in the moment that offers both an unburdening and an appreciation for the here and now, fueled by lessons in gratitude and life realizationsSince the band’s last album, Take Good Care, personal experiences and life challenges abounded, with band members having their first children, getting married, and navigating the mental hurdles of lockdown.

Throughout 2020, the band wrote, recorded, and shared ideas with each other while David created many of the demos that would begin to lay the foundation for the album. The band’s process for this record is described as the most selfguided one yet. David and Zack began writing together at David’s home studio as well, resulting in the lead single
“Kid”. The band spent countless hours crafting the music between themselves before bringing it to a producer and laid down demos in their practice space in New Orleans (Fountainbleau and Marigny Studios). In 2022, The Revivalists recorded for two weeks in the dead of winter in Vermont
with GRAMMY Awardwinning producer Rich Costey [Muse, Foster the People, Death Cab for Cutie], who produced Pour It Out Into The Night with co-production from David, Zack, and the rest of the band.

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Pour It Out Into The Night Tracklist
1. Kid

2. Don’t Look Back

3. Good Old Days

4. Down In The Dirt

5. The Long Con

6. Only You

7. Alive

8. Wait For The Sun

9. When I Got You

10. How We Move

11. Say Goodbye

12. Pour It Out Into The Night


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