The Match Made in Rock Heaven: Skid Row with Lzzy Hale On Vocals Wraps Up in Wheatland, CA

Skid Row performs with Lzzy Hale on vocals at Hard Rock Live in Wheatland, CA 6.1.2024. Photo Credit: Dany Pagani

Wheatland, CA – Skid Row and Halestorm frontwoman Lzzy Hale joined forces on Saturday night at the Hard Rock Live, bringing fans of both bands together for a show that could have only happened in the imagination of a kid with a guitar in one hand, and a dream in the other.

The evening’s pairing came out of adversity; Skid Row found themselves in a situation in late March, when previous singer Erik Grönwall stepped down due to health concerns. However, with this adversity came an opportunity, and in a move that was likely on almost no one’s 2024 rock-n-roll bingo card, Skid Row announced both Grönwall’s departure and that Lzzy would be fronting the band for four shows, the last of which was this particular first day of June.

Skid Row kicked their setlist off in the most apt way possible, given Lzzy’s presence, opening up with “Slave To The Grind” off of their second album of the same name. This felt to be a highly purposeful placement; not only is it an extremely high energy tune, and a true test for anyone stepping into the Skid Row’s vocal role, it was the song that Halestorm covered on their ReAniMate: The CoVerRs eP release from 2011, and hence the song that Halestorm fans in the room would likely gravitate to.

From there, Skid Row moved through a full set of tunes ranging their multi-decade catalog, with an extra bonus cover of The Ramones’ Psycho Therapy injected in for fun, giving a vocal spotlight to bassist Rachel Bolan. In every song that Lzzy belted out beyond that intermission, she delivered above and beyond in all the ways a fan would expect. While one could pick up gentle hints of the stylings of Sebastian Bach, the voice to whom all other Skid Row singers are inevitably compared, it was not at all a mimicry; rather, Lzzy tapped deeply into the vein of Skid Row’s fiery nostalgia, and brought it forward in her own powerful way, one that could reach both Skid Row and Halestorm die-hards, as well as those fans in the audience that somewhere in between the two.

In return, Skid Row provided Lzzy with all the musical backing she could ever need, allowing her to do something that was, as she admitted on stage, a dream come true for her, and possibly one for folks in the audience. Very few have the opportunity to join their rock heroes onstage as a member, and it was apparent that she was emotionally invested in both the joy and responsibility of the chance presented to her.

The band had a three song encore, which inevitably included Skid Row’s all-time breaking hit, “Youth Gone Wild”, but with a surprise featured guest; Halestorm’s guitarist, Joe Hottinger, was brought out to share in guitar responsibilities, and according to Lzzy was clearly “not allowed to take a break”. We’re pretty sure he enjoyed it, though.

This performance in Wheatland concluded Lzzy’s time as Skid Row’s singer, but now the question bears asking; could this happen again? It’s anyone’s guess right now, but if this round of shows is any indication, a reunion with a few extra dates could certainly be well-received. Until then, you’ll just have to wait and see… and maybe keep an ear to the ground on social media just in case!

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Show Date: June 1, 2024