Temples Brings Exotic Heat To Amsterdam

Temples live at Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam © Sylvia Wijnands

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – British psychedelic rock band Temples has started their UK and Europe Exotico tour. With a tight schedule and an astonishing amount of 24 shows in just a month, they arrived in Amsterdam for a sold-out show, ready to play the songs from their latest album, Exotico.

The support act of the evening was Cosmic Crooner, the alter ego of Dutch indie singer Joep Meyer. While he also plays with a full band, tonight it was a solo performance. Although, he did say that most of his band was present in the crowd. Accompanied by only an old tape recorder and sometimes a guitar, he played his show. With its sultry music inspired by various influences such as The Last Shadow Puppets and Father John Misty, but also by classic movies from the 60s and 70s, it turns out to be a perfect match to get the audience to warm up to see Temples later. His music with his self-proclaimed Doowop Space Pop music genre was appreciated by the crowd. Most of his songs were from his debut album The Perks Of Being A Hypocrite, released earlier this year. Curious? The album can be found on Spotify or watch one of his videos here:


Cosmic Crooner live at Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam
All Photos © Sylvia Wijnands

Cosmic Crooner
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While the crowd waited for Temples to begin, the stage got decorated with plants, immediately creating an exotic atmosphere. It was no surprise that when the Temples entered the stage they opened with “Liquid Air”, which is also the opening track of their latest album, Exotico. This song has the sultry, exotic feeling the entire album well conveyed. Followed was the catchy “Certainty”, which was received with great enthusiasm by the audience. With James Bagshaw on vocals and guitar, Thomas Walmsley on bass, and Adam Smith on guitar, this British band also has a Dutch touch, drummer Rens Ottink is from the Netherlands. It was great to see two of my favorite songs from their last album, “Oval Stones” and “Slow Days”, were also included in the show. Although the songs from Exotico dominated the setlist, songs from previous albums were certainly played. ”Hot Motion” created an explosion of energy and had almost everyone in the audience dancing. Yet songs like “Keep In The Dark’ and “Shelter Song” from their successful debut album Sun Structures remain a great favorite with the public. As the encore, the band played “Mesmerise” and took the opportunity to experiment a bit at the end of the song when the audience was treated to a long guitar solo by James Bagshaw.

Temples put on a great show this evening in Amsterdam. This was by far the best concert I have seen from them so far. After the USA and Canada tour, the European tour is almost done. If you missed them this time, don’t miss them on the next tour!

Temples live at Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam
All Photos © Sylvia Wijnands

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Liquid Air
Holy Horses
Oval Stones
Keep In The Dark
Slow Days
Hot Motion
Gamma Rays
Shelter Song

Show Date: September 26, 2023