Teardrops Announce Digital EP, Something to Cry About
Release "In My Sleep" Video

Teardrops, "In My Sleep" Courtesy of Teardrops

From Press Release – 

Teardrops announces the release their five-song, digital EP Something to Cry About on July 26. Pre-save it HERE. The also just released the video for “In My Sleep.” It’s a gloriously noisy and memorable post-punk jam if there ever was one. If you dig Soft Kill and METZ, you will relish Teardrops.

Jebb Riley says

“The worst dreams of my life showed up when our kids started walking and talking. Dreams more vivid, detailed, and horrifying than any I’d ever experienced. I’d wake up in tears, not sure what was real and what my brain made up.”

“In these situations, I was realizing the immense agony I’d caused for others; feeling their pain and witnessing their sorrow. Able to do nothing but soak in the spotlight of being the one responsible. I think it was my brain saying, ‘Listen, don’t mess these kids up. Actions have consequences.’ Grim subject matter, hidden in a beautiful melody.”

He continues,

“It was the first thing [guitarist] Joe Thomas brought to the table when we invited him in. I like the idea of dark lyrics hiding out in a catchy or pretty tune. Just like the worst scenario of your life hidden beneath the veil of what you expect to be a peaceful night’s sleep.”

Watch “In My Sleep”

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“In My Sleep”