Take Heed, The Warning Was Loud and Clear

(and Awesome)

The Warning at the Canal Club on 8/23/2022. Photo credit: Dave Pearson

Richmond, VA – There were no sirens or flashing lights, just an air of pure rock. There was no panic or fear, just a little head banging and unadulterated, high energy music. In one final U.S. stop after touring with and supporting Halestrom and The Pretty Reckless, the three sister band known as The Warning came to Richmond, VA on 8/13/2022 and blew the socks off of those who had gathered to take them in at the Canal Club. 

The opening band, Magg Dylan, from Virginia Beach, came on stage without warning. Fronted by Suzanne De Iulio they kicked ass and blew the audience away with originals such as “Lost My Zen”, “Delusional”, “Scarz”, and “Warning” and an Alanis Morissette cover, “You Oughta Know. Magg Dylan was the perfect messenger and put us in a state capable of handing what was coming our way.  

Magg Dylan Photo Gallery

When Magg Dylan left the stage, the audience braced to hear what The Warning would bring. As they took the stage, sisters Daniela “Dany“ (vocals, guitars, piano), Paulina “Pau” (drums, vocals, piano) and Alejandra “Ale” Villarreal (bass, piano, backing vocals) got an immediate high energy response, The Warning was ready to be heard and no one was taking cover!

Opening with “Z” from their album, Error, the first thing I noticed is the hard pounding riffs, powerful, high quality vocals, and the band’s chemistry. They were not simply playing Rock, they were living Rock. Judging from the hands and horns in the air, along with the plethora of phones trying to capture the atmosphere, the audience also knew this was something special. 

Dany Villarreal of The Warning at the Canal Club on 8/13/2022. Photo credit: Dave Pearson

Continuing on, they went into “Animosity” followed by the title track from their album “Queen of the Murder Scene“. The stage presence was fun to watch. It was hard not to notice Dany’s intensity. Her vocals and riffs are high energy and the emotion shows on her face and in her body language. Ale, on the other hand, while quite animated is more subdued and appeared relaxed (and loving the crowd). Finally, Pau was a cross between the two, never missing a beat making sure the other two were in line. 

As the night continued, neither the band or the audience skipped a beat. Songs such as “Choke“, “Money“, and “Amour” had the band jumping and fists and horns a-pumping. It had been a while since I had been in the Canal Club and the tightly packed audience was fun. 

Ale Villarreal of The Warning at The Canal Club on 8/13/2022. Photo credit: Dave Pearson

After a few more songs, the night took a wild turn with a song that I felt really shows their range, “Disciple“. I loved the story and the power conveyed using various key and tempo changes. I loved this song!

Dany spoke of their most recent tour supporting Halestorm and The Pretty Reckless. Lzzy Hale had gifted Dany a very special guitar telling her to “Play it loud!”. Play it loud she did as they played their most famous cover, Metallica’s “Enter the Sandman“. 

Pau Villarreal from The Warning at the Canal Club on 8/13/2022. Photo credit: Dave Pearson

As the night wound down they finished with the title track of their most recent album, “Error“, “Survive“, and, after giving thanks to their entire crew and tour to the roaring applause of the crowd, “Martirio“. 

After their encore, “Evolve“, it was done. We had taken in The Warning and all was calm. No fear, no panic, just the understanding that we had witnessed a very special show. As I talked to several after the performance, all agreed, the sisters would not be headlining much longer on smaller stages, as the bigger stages are waiting (and they are ready). If you get the chance to catch them on the next legs of their tour or when they unite with Halestorm and later, Three Days Grace this fall to support, check them out. This is a warning you definitely want to heed. It is pretty safe to say, this is one Warning you do NOT want to ignore. 

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The Warning Setlist

Queen of the Murder Scene
Kool Aid Kids
Dust to Dust
Dull Knives
Enter the Sandman

Show Date: 8/13/2022

Want to see more? Check out the video for the title track from their new album, Error!