STAY OVER Releases New Single “IDKATL”

Stay Over | Photo Credit: Anthony Campusano

Stay Over is an up and coming artist to the music scene with a genre-bending sound that combines electronic with an indie, pop vibe. Based out of Cocoon Malibu, Stay Over is part of their next-generation community of musicians.

The recent release of single, “IDKATL“, has a very mellow, chill vibe. The singer’s voice has a very soft yet raspy feel. The sound behind his vocals are unique and the rythym is relaxing. 

The lyrics of “IDKATL” are relatable because sometimes we don’t know what to do when mental health challenges take over. We might not know where to turn. When our home life isn’t the greatest, we want to be anywhere but there. When the emotional pain becomes so great, numbing it by turning to substances may seem like an answer. In times of our lowest, we have to remember we can always find that one person we can confide in and trust in. There are times when we need our friends to be there for us. Our friends can become more of our family than our own. The lyrics of the song do very well to display that.

“I…Don’t know about this life (ah, ah)
I don’t wanna go home again, I don’t wanna be without my friends,
I don’t know how to feel alright or okay if I don’t have substances.”

As someone who suffers from mental health challenges, this song is very relatable. Mental Health is a serious issue and many people are living with the impact of anxiety and depression. Day-to-day experiences can sometimes take a toll, and our friends are sometimes the only people we can turn to. I believe that is what the singer is trying to portray. The artist is telling the listener that even though things may be bad, we are not alone. Problems may happen in life beyond control, but we can get through it together. We will have bad and good moments, but at the close of the day, everything will be okay. 

Listen to “IDKATL” here: