Samantha Fish Busts the Touring Musician Myth at the Beacon Theater

Samantha Fish and her band performing at The Beacon Theater in Hopewell, VA. Photo Credit: Dave Pearson 2021.

Hopewell, VA – The events of 2020 and early 2021 will definitely be the subject of folklore and modern day myths for years to come. While aging purveyors of live music will weave tales of their fruitless searches for the mythical unicorn or kraken, one tale they will all have in common is the day that a touring musician appeared and brought joy to all in attendance. On April 14th, 2021, Samantha Fish appeared at the Beacon Theater in Hopewell, VA proving to the social-distanced audience that a touring  musician was no longer a myth. 

Samantha Fish brings her tour to The Beacon Theater in Hopewell, VA. April 14th 2021. Photo Credit: Dave Pearson

As Samantha took to the stage you could feel the eyes of those in the audience open in utter fascination. Cheers emanated from all throughout the theater. Samantha opened with title tracks from her 2015 album, Wild Heart, and her 2019 album, Kill or Be Kind. Her rhythmic bluesy country tone had the audience getting down and ready to kick some ass. 

As Samantha worked through her setlist, the energy in the audience continued to climb. Periodically a member of the audience would yell words of support and admiration and the intently listening Samantha would answer. In one instance she did not understand the comment but shouted back anyhow, “I missed that baby, I’ll just say I love you!” to the delight of all gathered. It was an excellent lead in to her song, “Gone for Good“. 

Samantha Fish at The Beacon Theater in Hopewell, VA. April 14, 2021. Photo Credit: Dave Pearson 2021

Prior to her acoustic solo pieces, which included “Love Letters“, “I’ll Be There in the Morning“, and “Jim Lee Blues” she had a request to do some Tom T. Hall and someone mentioned something about school, to which she replied, “Yeah, I went there, got grades and stuff, not gonna tell you what, though”. The audience interaction was a lot of fun and it was obvious Samantha relished those in attendance. 

As the mythical night drew to a close, Samantha finished with “Bulletproof” and an Encore of “Bitch on the Run“. While socially distanced, the power of the standing O was refreshing and of epic proportion. 

The hunt for the elusive unicorn will go on, however April 14th allowed many to momentarily escape into a mythical musical world that had all but evaded the hearts and minds of stage lovers for over a year. As we look forward into the latter parts of 2021 and beyond, let’s continue to work to bring artists back to the stage. 

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Want to see more? Check out the “Dream Girl” video!


Samantha Fish Setlist
Wild Heart
Kill or Be Kind
Don’t Say You Love Me
Chills and Fever
Highways Holding Me Now
Blood in the Water
No Angels
Gone for Good
Either Way I Lose
You Can’t Go
Love Letters
I’ll Be Here in the Morning (Townes Van Zandt)
Jim Lee Blues (Charlie Patton Cover)
You Got It Bad
Dream Girl
Miles to Go
Bitch on the Run

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