Review: Inkless Inked Their Spot With A New Album,The Extra Hour

The Extra Hour Album Cover
Album Art from the band Inkless 2018

DBM had the opportunity to receive a copy of the album The Extra Hour from the Inkless. The album is the newest creation from the band and was released in November 2018. However, on January 4, 2019, the band had their album release party in Ferndale, Michigan at one of the local establishments. If you have not heard of them, then you might want to sit back and let me tell you about them.

Inkless is from the Metro Detroit area however according to Inkless Facebook page, they call Southfield, Michigan home but are residing in the Sterling Heights, Michigan Area. The band was started in late 2015 from the minds of Patrick Murphy and Luke Daniels. Inkless is made up of Andy Boyer (vocalist), Josh Fretenborough (Bassist), Gage Rabineau (Guitarist), Luke Daniels (Guitarist), and Patrick Murphy (drummer).

The band Inkless
The band Inkless -Andy Boyer (vocalist), Josh Fretenborough (Bassist), Gage Rabineau (Guitarist), Luke Daniels (Guitarist), and Patrick Murphy (drummer). Image courtesy of Patrick Murphy 2019

Inkless describes themselves as a “high energy rock” band and it is prevalent throughout the album. The best way to describe The Extra Hour is nothing short of energy with its raw high pace tracks mixed in for the listener. For example, the opening tracks “Napalm”. This is one of the strongest tracks on the album that will catch the listener with quick guitar playing and strong vocals from Andy Boyer. (Boyer’s vocal style does remind me of Josh Todd of Buckcherry fame, not sure why.) 

The whole album is a true rock, nothing that any fan of the band Inkless would expect from them. Which is an album will show off the bands talent and skill with their playing plus vocals.  The album is not over processed or but has that dirty raw feeling that music lovers love to hear. If you get a moment, go check out the album and you will see what I mean. The album is available via Itunes, Apple Music, and Amazon. It is also available on the streaming service Spotify.

DBMN Rating: 8/10

Track List:

  1. Napalm
  2. Gone South
  3. Curse Me
  4. Medicine
  5. Pictures from Last Year
  6. Better Off
  7. Fragile Line
  8. For the Taking