“Return Of The Sinner USA Tour 2024” at Rams Head Live!

KK's Priest performing at Rams Head Live! in Baltimore, MD on 03.12.2024. Photo Credit: Robert Escue

Baltimore, Maryland – KK’s Priest on their first headlining tour bring classic heavy metal to Baltimore with support from Switzerland’s power metal quintet Burning Witches and California’s glam metal veterans L.A. Guns.

At 7:30, Burning Witches came out to start their set with a surprise, guitarist Romana Kalkuhl came out and sat down on the riser on the left side of the stage with her guitar. She missed the Atlanta show due to an injury and was not expected to play. While their set only consisted of six songs, they played one song from four of their five albums. They looked and sounded really good. If you have not seen Burning Witches, you should. Especially if you like power and classical metal, they do not disappoint.


Burning Witches SETLIST

Unleash the Beast
Wings of Steel
Lucid Nightmare
The Dark Tower
Burning Witches

I am not a big fan of hair metal, my taste runs more thrash and death but I was pleasantly surprised by L.A. Guns. I was expecting a certain amount of sleaze which we got, and a serious amount of heaviness that I didn’t expect. Most of the audience was older fans and they were not disappointed with L. A. Guns‘ set, which consisted of older material that went all the way back to their self-titled 1989 album. I was quite impressed with L. A. Guns and would definitely see them live again.



Electric Gypsy
Over the Edge
You Betray
Sex Action
Never Enough
The Ballad of Jayne
Rip and Tear

Seeing KK’s Priest took me back to teens and early 20’s when I was blowing it up to classic heavy metal. I preferred Judas Priest to Iron Maiden because of the heaviness and the attitude of the band. Simply put, KK’s Priest kicks ass!!!! Their set had a good mix of Judas Priest covers and original material to satisfy the most hardcore fan plus the attitude you would expect from such a band.



Hellfire Thunderbolt
One More Shot at Glory
The Ripper
Reap the Whirlwind
Night Crawler
Burn in Hell
Beyond the Realms of Death
Hell Patrol
Brothers of the Road
The Green Manalishi (With the Two Prong Crown)
Breaking the Law
Victim of Changes
Raise Your Fists
Strike of the Viper

This is my second show of the year. I drove five hours to see it and would gladly do it again!!! If there is a show you need to see, this should be one of them!!!!

The first leg of the “Return Of The Sinner USA Tour 2024” runs through March 24th with the last stop at the Keswick Theater in Glenside, Pennsylvania.

Show Date: March 12, 2024