PRINCESS GOES Announces Sophomore Album ‘Come Of Age’, Releases Lead Single “Shimmer”

Princess Goes (Michael C. Hall’s band with Matt Katz-Bohen and Peter Yanowitz) announce their sophomore album, COME OF AGE, out September 15th via SO In De Goot Records, as well as a fall UK tour and the release of their lead single “Shimmer”

Described as a mesmerizing journey through a landscape of Michael C. Hall’s loosely depicted memories of a failed relationship with a film noir, 3D-twist, “Shimmer” builds like an argument that is heating up as the lyrics slip out like a secret from the subconscious, conveying the very human need to be heard.

Watch the official music video for the song “SHIMMER” here:


Princess Goes shows favor of a more experimental approach, with Come Of Age highlighting the band entering their next era of their signature, synth pop sound.

Come Of Age Tracklisting:
1. Offering
3. Blur
4. Come Of Age
5. Shimmer
6. Jetpack
7. Glasswing
8. Take Me Home
9. Beija
10. Saving Grace
11. Whatever Whispers
12. Floating

“We named the album ‘Come Of Age’ because the three of us felt this group of songs truly embodied the band’s blossoming after six years of writing/recording within the chrysalis of our DIY downtown NYC studio,” said Peter Yanowitz. “In a way, ‘Come Of Age’ felt like a fully realized response to the questions our first self-titled EP,and first full length ‘THANKS FOR COMING,’ begged, bookending a chapter in the band’s story, and giving us permission to explore new ways to create and produce music in the future.”

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The band has also announced both a very special NYC album release show on the Elsewhere Rooftop on September 20 as well as a UK Headline Tour which kicks off September 26th in Manchester.