On The Verge Of A Breakthrough, Hidden States Releases New EP “Reconcile”

Hidden States new EP Reconcile

Fans of The National, War On Drugs, and Interpol should listen up! Hidden States is an artist to look out for and his debut EP Reconcile will be released on March 31st.

Hidden States is the new artist name of Adam Day, formerly known as County Line Runner. Back in 2019, he released two tracks under that name, which lead to him supporting Neil Young with his band. His music got also noticed by a lot of big names in the music industry like Marcus Mumford, producer Stephen Street (known for The Smiths, Blur, and New Order), and Alex da Kid who signed him to his label in LA. Everything looking up for the new band. What could possibly go wrong? Nothing seemed to be in that way of the new band.

On the edge of a true breakthrough, the pandemic happened and everything suddenly had to wait. I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to see everything being canceled as an artist. Now three years later he has chosen his new name Hidden States and is back with his new EP.

The EP consists of five songs, with the first single being “Fix To Fix”. A dark guitar song with an infectious chorus. “Valley Song” sounds like an amalgamation between an Interpol and The National track. It slowly builds up the tension before the guitars step in and the song bit by bit gets more and more intense to come to an abrupt ending.

With the third song “Lost Wave”, which has been released as the second single, the EP gets a bit lighter and less heavy. The electric guitar is a bit more in the background and less prominent.

Although Reconcile only has five songs, it will leave you wanting more. We can only hope that it won´t be too long before a full-length album will be released. In the meantime, Hidden States is one we should keep an eye on because I think he could become a big name very soon!

Fix To Fix
Valley Song
Lost Wave
Plastic Palm Trees

Hidden States
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