May Daze Tour 2024 at the Canal Club

L7 performing at the Canal Club in Richmond, VA. on 05.13.2024. Photo Credit: Robert Escue

Richmond, VA – LA Punk rock legends L7 came to the Canal Club to kick ass and take names with support from New York City’s Gina Volpe’s new band Volpe Co.

To the surprise of most in the crowd Gina announces that Volpe Co was playing their first gig ever. The band consists of Gina Volpe on guitar and vocals, Amanda on guitar and vocals, Meghan Rose on bass and Caro Moore on drums. The band was genuinely excited to play, particularly Caro who almost always had a smile on her face. Their set consisted mostly of songs from  the full length “Delete The World” released on February 23rd and various EP’s produced over the last few years. Unfortunately for those who came hoping that Gina would play any Lunachicks or Bantam material that didn’t happen, but what they did play sounded really good.




Time To Come
Drink Me
Delete The World
The Plan
Secret Weapon
Until I Arrive
Chaos Agent
Different Animal
Even the Doomed
Escaped From The Lab

After what seemed like a long time L7 was led from the green room and the crowd started cheering as they took the stage and kicked off their set with “Deathwish” off their second album ‘Smell The Magic’ released in 1990. After playing “Everglade” Donita took a couple of minutes to talk to the crowd. She asked “When was the last time we played here?” and nobody had any idea and she responded with “1997!” which shocked most of the people in the crowd. Some in the crowd were definitely old enough to have been around for that tour. Donita then thanked everyone for being so nice considering the Canal Club does not have a barrier or photo pit. What was nice about the crowd is that young and old came out to throw down and have a good time, and it was a good sized crowd for a Monday night. Most of the set was older material with the exception of three songs from 2019’s ‘Scatter The Rats’. This was a fun show to see live and was definitely worth the drive from Virginia Beach to attend.


Mr. Integrity
Stadium West
One More Thing
Fighting the Crave
Bad Things
Fuel My Fire
Non-Existent Patriciaa
Freak Magnet
Dispatch From Mar-a-Lago
Pretend We’re Dead


Scatter The Rats
Fast and Frightening

For those wanting to see Volpe Co you have two chances, the first being May 16th at Empire Live in Albany, New York and the second on May 17th at Electric City in Buffalo, New York.

The May Daze Tour runs through May 19th, where L7 plays the Sonic Temple Festival.

Show Date: May 13, 2024