Lo Moon On Their Way To Conquer The Netherlands

Lo Moon live at Bitterzoet, Amsterdam © Sylvia Wijnands

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Los Angeles-based indie rock band Lo Moon has already played in some of the biggest venues touring with bands like The War On Drugs, Glass Animals, Phoenix, and London Grammer. With their latest album A Modern Life (released in 2022) and brand new single “Evidence”, they will play their first headline show in Amsterdam.

The opening track of tonight’s show was “Raincoats” from their latest album. It is a song that starts very quietly with only singer Matt Lowell’s vocals and not much else than some dreamy reverberating synthesizer to set the mood, to which the song builds up more and more with all the band members joining in and speeding up the rhythm. “Waiting A Lifetime” was played as the second song. A song that has not yet been officially released, but when I looked at the audience it seemed to be well-received.

Then came the beautiful “Tried To Make You My Own” and the infectious “This Is It”, both songs from their debut album Lo Moon which was released in 2018. The audience was treated to even more new songs, including “Borrowed Hills”. A song that singer Matt wrote while still at school after the event of 9/11. Followed by “Water”, and “Connecticut”. One by one, the new tracks are completely in the vein of Lo Moon. It’s a shame that we have to be a little more patient for a while until the next album is released.

The show closed with “Thorns” and “Dream Never Dies”, but not without playing an encore of course. “Loveless” was played exquisitely and was one of the favorites, not just for me but judging by the crowd’s enthusiasm for most of the people. The very last song of the night was their latest single “Evidence” to let everybody go wild one last time.

The band is well attuned to each other and the way they play together feels very organic. With Crisanta Baker on bass, Samuel Stewart on guitar, Sterling Laws on drums, and Matt Lowel on vocals and guitar they make an excellent team, easily transitioning from small and dreamy to rock anthem vibes. Lo Moon does well in a small venue like Bitterzoet, but I can also imagine the band’s music being played in large arenas. During the concert, you could feel Amsterdam increasingly embracing the band. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before we can enjoy a live show in the Netherlands again.

The European tour continues until the end of November and tickets are still available for some shows. For more information click here.

Lo Moon live at Bitterzoet, Amsterdam
Photos © Sylvia Wijnands

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Waiting A Lifetime
Tried To Make You My Own
This Is It
Borrowed Hills
Dream Never Dies


Show Date 5/11/2023