Kenny Chesney is in the ‘Here And Now’

Kenny Chesney's Here And Now Album Cover (Warner Music Nashville) . Image courtesy of Essential Broadcast Media 2020.

Announced today in a press release, country singer Kenny Chesney will be releasing a new album called Here And Now. The scheduled release date for the new album is August 21, 2020.

In the days of digital formats, the new album will be offered in a slightly different format of Vinyl and will be pressed on clear vinyl, the color of green sea glass. The album will be available to Kenny Chesney’s fan on August 21 via the online store at and exclusively through Walmart.

In a press release, Kenny had to say this about the album:

“Music is medicine,” says the quiet man known for his high-impact stadium shows. “And No Shoes Nation is people who work hard, rock hard, play hard. They’re always in their truck or their car, headed somewhere, so I like the idea they take these songs along with them.
“But with so many of us staying home, having the time to really dive into the music and listen – and based on the passion for this project, it seemed like now is the time to do vinyl. I had a friend give me a stack of albums from the ’70s and ’80s a few years ago, and there really is something different about settling in and listening. It’s warmer. It has a bit more presence sonically. It’s a whole other way to listen, and right now, that feels like a good thing.”
 “One of the most difficult things for people seems to be actually getting their hands on physical recordings,” he explains. “It used to be so easy to drop into Tower Records and get lost for a while. Today people have so much they have to do, plus they really don’t want to go out right now, so this seems like the easiest and best way to get the vinyl Here And Now into the fans’ hands.”
With the how-you-choose-to-see-it “Happy Does” being most-added at country radio in its first week, Chesney’s brand of life-affirming music continues creating a good vibe for a summer unlike any other. At a time when it’s hard to reckon with a world where everything is different seemingly every single day, music is the one thing that can lift you up, give you hope, make you laugh or cry and offer something that you need and didn’t even think to look for.

“There were a couple other songs we were talking about,” Chesney says of his current single, “but it felt like right now, remembering to see the glass as half full, to find the best possible reality in any given moment is so important. ‘Happy Does’ is filled with people doing just that, and it’s why in the end, we decided that would be the song we’d send out there for summer.”

Kenny Chesney’s Here And Now vinyl will be available August 21, 2020 (Warner Music Nashville). Image courtesy of Essential Broadcast Media 2020.