Keith Wallen Introduces “Strings” and Rocks Richmond

Keith Wallen at the National in Richmond, VA on 1/13/2024. Photo credit: Dave Pearson

Richmond, VA – The line into The National was around the block and down the street. A sold out audience was on a mission to catch the second night of Breaking Benjamin‘s Unplugged tour. In addition to a great opening performer, none other than Breaking Benjamin guitarist, Keith Wallen, would be doing a solo acoustic performance before joining the band for the main act. 

A guitar, a stool, and a lone drum kit were all that was on the stage. As Keith emerged on scene, he kicked off with “All Eyes on You” from his 2021 album, This World Or The Next. Let the rocking begin!! After “Blue“, the night took a very special turn. First off, those of us who could not relate to his guacamole story got a taste (not literally) of guac and Keith, as well as how they were related to mullets. The story made me question my queso relationship!

Keith Wallen tossing a lifetime souvenir to a new fan at the National on 1/13/2024. Photo credit: Dave Pearson

A young fan, Aria, was holding up a sign telling Keith it was her first concert and wanted him to sign her shirt. Much to our surprise Keith went to the edge of the stage, got the shirt, and gave the young lady a souvenir that will last a lifetime. 

Keith’s newest single, “Strings” was released the day before and was performed live for the second time at the National. It was a very powerful song, musically and lyrically, about not giving in to the strings that can tie us up. Give it is listen below… awesome!

Keith Wallen’s Newest Single, “Strings” 


Keith pointed out one thing about his solo career he had not expected, that being he not only had to play and sing but he also had to be a public speaker. He talked of some of the difficulty of talking publicly, but assured us he was getting much better at it… before telling us how good we looked in our underwear. Thank goodness I was wearing boxers in the pit. 

Between “The Wolf” and the final song of the night, Keith polled the audience, “Who has heard of me?” There was a loud cheer. He then asked “How many of you had no fucking idea who I was?” and the cheer turned to a roar. To help get us get familiar with him and his music, he guided us all to our phones, to Instagram and his page (see below). We were then instructed to pre-order his upcoming album, Infinity Now, to be released on May 3, 2024. 

With the last note of “Dream Away” Keith left the stage. The sold out crowd was now ready for Keith to return to the stage for the main event, Breaking Benjamin Unplugged. What a great way to start the night, awesome music, a new song, and Keith made the day of a new fan, Aria, who could now wear a wonderful souvenir from her first concert. God, I love this job!

Keith Wallen Gallery

Photos by Dave Pearson

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Keith Wallen Setlist

All Eyes on You
It Finds Us All
The Wolf
Dream Away

Show Date: Jan 13, 2024

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