Iration Release New Studio Album

Dane Hodgson Press Photo
(L-R): Joe Dickens, Micah Pueschel, Micah Brown, Cayson Peterson, Adam Taylor. Photo Credit: Dane Hodgson

Reggae-influenced and alternative rock band Iration released their next studio album Coastin’ via their own Three Prong Records. The album features Eric Rachmany from Rebelution and Stick Figure, and Eli-Mac from Common Kings. It can be found on many streaming services

In a press statement, lead singer and guitarist Micah Pueschel described the album as:

“When we think about the vibe of this record, one of the images that kept coming up was driving down PCH in a Cadillac convertible, top down, on a crispy, sunny day, and you just put the album on and drive. That’s the kind of feel that we want to bring – that feeling like there’s no worries, you’re not stressing about anything, you’re just putting on the music and going down the coast, enjoying the ride.”

Since the formation of Iration, the members include Micah Pueschel [lead vocals/guitar], Adam Taylor [bass], Joe Dickens [drums], Cayson Peterson [keyboard/synth], Micah Brown [guitar/vocals].


    1. Coastin’
    2. Contact High
    3. Guava Lane ft. Eli-Mac
    4. Daylight Saving
    5. Zen Island
    6. Right Here Right Now ft. Eric Rachmany and Stick Figure
    7. Home Tonight
    8. Fancy
    9. If You Only Knew ft. Common Kings
    10. Chill Out
    11. Smile
    12. Move Forward
    13. Learn From Me

RunTime (49:50)