Inglorious releases new album “We Will Ride” via Frontier Music SRL

Inglorious | We Will Ride | Album Art - ©Courtesy of Inglorious
Inglorious | We Will Ride | Album Art - ©Courtesy of Inglorious

Friday, February 12th brings the release of the new album “We Will Ride” by U.K. based band Inglorious. This fourth release from the band features original members Nathan James (vocals) and Phil Beaver (drums) plus new musicians Danny Dela Cruz (guitar), Dan Stevens (guitar) and Vinnie Colla (bass).

The album had been originally slated for an earlier release date, but the limitations of trying to record during a pandemic unfortunately pushed that back. That extra time only proved to result in a very cohesive sound throughout, as if the group had been together in this incarnation for a much longer time. The genre is hard rock – powerful drums and bass, coupled with twin guitars cracking out sinewy riffs and crunchy power cords with a wailing vocal over the top in the best hard rock tradition. But there is also a modern filter or edge present on these tracks…to my ears it has a Deep Purple/Rainbow meets Audioslave/Soundgarden feel. 

Inglorious - (L to R) Vinnie Colla, Danny Dela Cruz, Nathan James, Dan Stevens, and Phil Beaver - ©Photo courtesy of Inglorious
Inglorious – (L to R) Vinnie Colla, Danny Dela Cruz, Nathan James, Dan Stevens, and Phil Beaver – ©Photo courtesy of Inglorious

Tracks like ‘Messiah’, ‘Eye Of The Storm’ and ‘My Misery’ showcase the vocal talents of singer Nathan James who is also responsible for the lyrics. Tales of heartache and tragedy with a touch of the mythical and mystical are the order of the day. ‘Medusa’ is based around a nice saturated thick slide riff and ‘Cruel Intentions’ features a classic sounding guitar solo with a Ritchie Blackmore feel. Overall, the two guitarist mesh well together and showcase an encyclopedia of hard rock guitar sounds. This is the first Inglorius recording using an outside producer (Romesh Dodangoda) and the experience has seemed to serve them well. The tune ‘Do you Like It’, which originated from a groove the band would jam at soundcheck, seems squarely aimed at critics of the band with its anthemic chorus of “Do You Like It? Sounds Pretty Good To Me!” 

This is a solid release for fans of this genre and well worth seeking out. If they can channel this same energy into their live show, I will definitely be keeping an eye out for any future U.S. touring plans. Be sure to check out the new album and let the band know that U.S. fans are still hungry for good hard rock! Lucky folks in the U.K. will have the opportunity to catch Inglorious during a Spring 2021 Tour in support of “We Will Ride”. 

*To learn more about the band and the making of the album “We Will Ride” be sure to check out our one-on-one interview with lead singer Nathan James here

Track Listing: We Will Ride

  1. She Won’t Let You Go
  2. Messiah
  3. Medusa
  4. Eye Of The Storm
  5. Cruel Intentions
  6. My Misery
  7. Do You Like It
  8. He Will Provide
  9. We Will Meet Again
  10. God Of War
  11. We Will Ride


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