Imminence – The Black Tour Plays Philly
Touring with Of Virtue

Imminence plays the TLA Philly 5.17.24 photo credit Carl Roccia

Philadelphia, PA – Located on the bustling South Street in Philadelphia, the TLA Theater (Theater of the Living Arts) is a cultural gem nestled within the city’s vibrant arts scene. Since its inception in the 1970s, TLA has been a cherished venue, hosting a diverse array of live music concerts, comedy shows, and theatrical performances. As you walk down South Street in Philadelphia, the air is thick with the mouthwatering aroma of sizzling steak and onions from iconic spots like Jim’s Steaks. The tantalizing scent mingles with the rich fragrance of freshly brewed coffee wafting from cozy cafes lining the street.

ARCHERS, from Madison, WI and founded in 2015, kicked off the night to a metal-thirsty crowd who took notice of their hard edge with a pop-sounding infusion. With nine years under their belt, the band has toured nationally and performed alongside well-known bands such as I Prevail, Palisades, and From Ashes To New. Check them out!

Of Virtue play the TLA in Philly on May 16, 2024 photo by Carl Roccia

Of Virtue took the stage and kicked it into high gear with charismatic frontman Tyler Ennis on vocals, Damon Tate on guitar and vocals, Michael Valadez on guitar, and Ryan Trinh on drums. In a world where heavy music often navigates the murky waters between aggression and introspection, Grand Rapids-based metalcore outfit Of Virtue is a beacon of catharsis.

“Cut Me Open” from the Omen album started the night of rage. The atmosphere was ripe to continue to work up the crowd with every song and Tyler’s energy was contagious. The music itself is a sonic onslaught, Ryan’s thunderous drums, Michael’s blistering guitar riffs, and Tyler’s guttural vocals that reverberate in your chest. 

Tyler Ennis from Of Virtue plays the TLA in Philly on a 5.16.24 photo by Carl Roccia


Each chord strikes like a lightning bolt, electrifying the atmosphere and igniting a frenzy of head banging and moshing. Performing in over 30 countries and ranking #28 on the Billboards Hard Music chart, this band knows how to thrash. TLA was their 7th show in seven nights, and if you think touring isn’t hard, well they made it look easy. Don’t miss this tour!



Imminence, the Swedish post-hardcore powerhouse, then brought their electrifying presence to the stage. From the moment they stepped out, Imminence commanded attention with their stage presence and magnetic energy. Lead vocalist Eddie Berg’s emotive delivery captivated the audience, his soaring vocals effortlessly transitioning from haunting whispers to powerful screams, and carrying the weight of every lyric with profound sincerity.

Eddie Berg of Imminence plays the TLA in Philly on 5.16.24 photo by Carl Roccia

Backed by the dynamic instrumentation of Harald Barrett on guitar, Max Holmberg on drums, and Christian Höijer on bass, Imminence’s sound was a force to be reckoned with. The band’s seamless blend of melodic hooks and crushing breakdowns created a sonic landscape with added violin, because why not?

Imminence plays the TLA in Philly on 5.16.24 photo by Carl Roccia

The backstory about how Eddie and Harald formed this band is quite incredible. Scraping together their cash on hand, recording in a studio, getting new equipment, making music videos and printing their CDs. It is a testament to hard work, passion, and drive for a vision that pays off when you see these guys live. It’s a non-stop slugfest from the get-go, with cadavers riding the hands of their peers (crowd surfers) that started just into the 3rd song (“Beyond The Pale”). But beyond their musical talent, what truly set Imminence apart was their ability to connect with their audience on a deeply personal level. Berg’s introspective lyrics explored themes of inner turmoil, resilience, and the human condition, striking a chord with fans who found solace and catharsis in his words. Again, seven shows in seven days roaring up the East Coast like a hurricane mosh pit.

Crowd surfing started early as Imminence played the TLA in Philly on 5.16.24

It is evident to anyone at their shows that these guys leave it all out on the floor with a 20-song set, opening with “Paralyzed” from their Turn The Light On album. As the set reached its climax, with anthems like “Temptation,” the energy in the room reached a fever pitch. The crowd’s fervent response, fists and voices raised in unison, was a testament to the impact that Imminence’s music has had on their devoted fanbase.


We were fortunate to catch this show on the last leg of the tour. Imminence will be heading overseas for the rest of the year as they prepare to take their music to the world stage, playing festivals across Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK.

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SHOW DATE: May 16, 2024