Haley Reinhart Brings It ALL to the Tin Pan in Richmond

A little bit of jazz, a whole lot of soul, not a lot of metal, and some bluesy rock and roll.

Haley Reinhart at The Tin Pan in Richmond, VA on 3/12/2023. Photo credit: Dave Pearson

Richmond, VA – While it may sound a bit cliché’, I can say, when I was first introduced to Haley Reinhart’s music, she came out of nowhere… literally. Through a series of YouTube listens, including Puddles Pity Party and Postmodern Jukebox, I came across their version of, “Mad World”. I love Puddles’ schtick and the PMJ style. I was getting into “Mad World”, when, from behind Puddles, appeared Haley. I was blown away by the range and power of her vocals. Yes, I had experienced elements of her sound through multiple artists (I say she does a little bit of jazz, a whole lot of soul, not a lot of metal, and some bluesy rock and roll), but never all in one package. I was immediately hooked and wanted to catch her live. That opportunity arose on March 12, 2023, at The Tin Pan in Richmond, VA. 

The lights went down, the band took the stage, and an angelic voice sang of praise (“Praise You” into). Haley appeared, stage left, belting for a little “Change” from her newest EP, Off the Ground. Added to the mix was some additional Praise. Let the show begin!

Haley paused for a moment to say “Hi” to Richmond, pointing out that the Tin Pan was “certainly the most intimate venue on the tour”. When I spoke to her after the show she told me that a lot of their venues are standing general admission, which she also loves. If you’ve never been to The Tin Pan, it reminds one of the smokey jazz bars, minus the smoke of course, with a stage and all seated at tables throughout. The Tin Pan atmosphere was perfect for Haley’s sound, on a stage that was “Off the Ground“, (which happened to be the next song). Check out the video as it also includes a self-written short film and appears to be a self-reflection into her music and its role in her life.  

Haley Reinhart at the Tin Pan in Richmond, VA on 3/12/2023. Photo credit: Dave Pearson

Haley requested a little audience participation with the next piece, “Crack the Code” and, after a hot guitar solo, the audience obliged with a little clap accompaniment. In just a couple songs we had been treated to the jazz and soul, with the next piece, “Broken Record” we were blessed with a little rock and roll (in a bluesy sort of way). The performance to this point was everything I expected and then some. 

Before going into the next song, “Deep Water” from her last full album, Lo-Fi Soul, she took off her jacket and was ready to roll. Following up with a comment on the venue’s unique stage layout, allowing her to give love to all, she dedicated the next song to all the powerful female vocalists, including Aretha and Janis. “Don’t Know How To Love You“… just close your eyes and let the power overcome!

We all know there was soul and rock and roll before Haley, he was called Jimmy Hendrix!! During the next cover (Jimmy), the band kicked some ass, but in the end, Haley’s voice was the rhythm and the riff all in one package. She nailed “The Wind Cries Mary“.

After some “Wasted Tears” (from her first album) she did a musical Masterclass on how to handle men… “Honey There’s the Door“. She got a good laugh from the ladies and looks of fear from the men. I was conveniently on the other side of the room, so I am not sure whether my wife was taking notes! Note to self, behave for a few weeks!

Haley Reinhart at the Tin Pan in Richmond, VA on 3/12/2023. Photo credit: Dave Pearson

As the show continued we were treated to some new, some old, and some covers (with the Haley effect thrown in for good measure). While we were “Roll(ing) the Dice” in Vegas in the “21st Century” we met the “Lovergirl“. As expected, itgot a little spooky and she delivered a hex when she Haley’d the Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’ tune, “I Put a Spell on You” to the delight of all. 

Taking a seat, with only the keys playing along, Haley did something beautiful. It has been done many times, many ways, but Haley’s version of the Elvis Presley hit, “Can’t Help Falling in Love With You” was out of this world. The audience was silent. I even thought I heard a teardrop hit the floor, as I saw many touch and embrace the one’s they loved. Very moving. 

The last song of the main set was “Feeling Good / Oh My“. Here she introduced the band that had near flawlessly backed her. Members included Balam Garcia (Guitar), Matt Little (Keyboards/Piano), Adam Ditt (Bass), Sheldon Reed (Drums), Daniel Sheron (Sax), and Nathan Kay (Trumpet). With the last note, the crowd stood and gave her a big standing O. Of course, there was more to come. 

To the pleasure of the audience, she came back, foxy shades and all, to finish up the night with Hendrix’s “Foxy Lady” and one of her best known covers, Radiohead’s “Creep“. The audience erupted in appreciation as this song defines the entire Haley experience… sensual vocals with so much range… a little bit of jazz, a whole lot of soul, not a lot of metal, and some bluesy rock and roll. The perfect ending to a perfect night. 

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Haley Reinhart Setlist 

Change / Praise You
Off The Ground
Crack The Code
Broken Record
Deep Water
Don’t Know How To Love You
The Wind Cries Mary
Wasted Tears
Honey, There’s The Door
Roll the Dice
21st Century
I Put a Spell on You
Can’t Help Falling in Love
Oh Damn
Good or Bad
Feelin’ Good / Oh My!

Foxy Lady

Show Date: March 12, 2023

Want to see more? Check out this Haley Reinhart video (with Post Modern Jukebox)!!

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