Freestyle Fridays Light Up the Magic City Casino: Nyasia and Will To Power Spark a Night of Freestyle Fun

Miami, Fl – As the sun dips below the Miami skyline, ushering in a cool and breezy December evening, the Magic City Casino plays host to yet another Freestyle Fridays series show during the Magic City Lights event. The stage is set for a journey back in time with Nyasia and the dynamic duo Will To Power, creating an atmosphere of nostalgia and celebration.

The night kicks off with Nyasia, a leading lady of freestyle and dance-pop. Against the backdrop of the cool breeze, she takes the audience on a sonic voyage with her timeless hits. From “Now and Forever” to “Who’s Got Your Love,” Nyasia’s soulful voice and stage charisma wraps the crowd in a warm embrace. Adding to Nyasia’s performance are the hip-hop stylings of her two dancers, Kelly and Jay Jay. The outdoor setting enhances the experience, allowing fans to reminisce about the heyday of freestyle music while creating new memories under the Miami stars.

Following Nyasia, Will To Power steps into the spotlight, and the atmosphere crackles with energy. The breezy night seems tailor-made for their signature blend of dance-pop and freestyle. Bob Rosenberg of both Hot 105 and Power 96 Miami radio fame, along with Elin Michaels charge into a powerful set with “Fading Away“. The set also includes “They Say It’s Gonna Rain” and the 10cc cover, “I’m Not In Love”. Classics like “Baby, I Love Your Way/Freebird” and “Dreamin‘” echo through the venue, seamlessly intertwining with the night air. The duo’s infectious energy radiates through the audience, turning the outdoor setting into a dancefloor filled with smiles and rhythmic movement and even some breakdancing.

The Freestyle Fridays series, known for bringing together the best of freestyle and dance-pop, finds its pinnacle on this magical night. The venue’s outdoor space, despite the cool weather, provides a unique and intimate setting. The Magic City Casino, with its professional setup and accommodating atmosphere, allows the music to resonate freely, creating an immersive experience for the audience.

On this night, Nyasia and Will to Power have support of fellow local artists in attendance. Ray Guell, who has recently performed at Freestyle Fridays, presents roses to Nyasia during her performance. Tito Puente Jr. also provides support, attending Friday night’s show as a precursor to his scheduled performance at the Magic City Casino on Saturday, December 23, 2023.

The Freestyle Fridays series concert featuring Nyasia and Will To Power during the Magic City Lights event at Magic City Casino on December 22, 2023, provides a respite to the craziness that is the rat race to get all of the holiday gifts and deal with the malls, traffic, people, etc… The cool and breezy weather becomes an ally, enhancing the atmosphere of the event. Nyasia and Will To Power, with their timeless hits, ignite a sense of celebration, proving that the magic of freestyle lives on. As the night concludes, DJ Jorge Santana continues cranking out the Freestyle tunes much to the delight of those in attendance.

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All Photos © Ivan Romero

Will To Power

All Photos © Ivan Romero


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Show Date: December 22, 2023