Fame On Fire Release New Single

Fame On Fire announce/released their new single “Not Dead Yet”, from their upcoming album Levels (scheduled to be released September 4, 2020, via Hopeless Records). The single will be released on some of your favorite streaming services.

Vocalist Bryan Kuznitz shares in a press release, “Not Dead Yet’ is about me waking up every day and not wanting to do anything with my life. Feeling like I don’t belong in this world. Letting my depression get the best of me. I know this but I can’t always fight through it. Feeling the weight of myself. I don’t want to end my life because I have hope. I know my anxiety doesn’t define me. And I’m going to be okay. I just have to keep going.

Fame On Fire band portrait
Fame On Fire is Bryan Kuznitz (vocals), Blake Saul (guitarist), Paul Spirou (bass), and Alex Roman (drums).
Photo Credit: Aaron Berkshire. Image courtesy of Big Picture Media 2020.

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