Dream Theater Energizes Asheville With The Distance Over Time Tour

Dream Theater live at The Thomas Wolfe Auditorium in Asheville, NC on 10/09/2019. Photo Credit: © Carrianne Stoker-Postier 2019

Asheville, NC – Progressive metal titans, Dream Theater, brought their fusion of new and classic material to an enthusiastic audience at the Thomas Wolf Auditorium. Before the show began, megafans could be heard celebrating their history and love for the band while introducing newcomers to what would be a brilliant visual and musical experience.

With no opener in the plan, the crowd dove headfirst into the captivating journey Dream Theater unfolded throughout the evening. The first part of the set showcased the band’s fourteenth studio album, Distance Over Time, released earlier this year. Act 1 included songs such as “Untethered Angel”, “A Nightmare to Remember”, “Barstool Warrior”, and “Pale Blue Dot”.  

Performing with a professional ease, the musical prowess of John Petrucci (guitars, production), James LaBrie (lead vocals), Mike Mangini (drums), Jordan Rudess (keyboards), and John Myung (bass) is both captivating and electrifying. An evolved cohesion existed and tonight there would not be any extinguishing of the melting fret blaze, thundering drum rolls, firing on all-cylinders vocal performance, and otherwise masterful play.


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The second part of the set celebrated the 20th anniversary of the 1999 concept album Metropolis Part 2: Scenes from A Memory.  To the delight of the crowd, this collection of songs which the saga of love, betrayal, murder, and reincarnation is based was performed in its entirety.

Scanning the crowd, faces radiated in amazement and were coupled with fist-pumps and air drumming clearly in gratitude for the passage into this prog metal universe created by Dream Theater. The show closed with encore “At Wit’s End”, proving the continued force and momentum of a band who are willing to celebrate history while they push the boundaries into what lies ahead.

Show Date: 10/09/2019


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