Dirty Honey Leaves Audience Wanting More at the Chicago Theatre

Corey Coverstone (drums), Justin Smolian (bass) and Marc Labelle of Dirty Honey perform at the Chicago Theatre in Chicago, IL on 10/10/2019. Photo Credit: © Ian Bardecki 2019

Chicago, IL – For almost 40 years, there has never been a band with a #1 charting single on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Songs that was not signed to a record label. That all changed when Dirty Honey came along with “When I’m Gone”. The blues-rock L.A. quartet made music history this month by becoming the first-ever act to have a #1 single in the United States – all without being signed to a record label.

Marc Labelle of Dirty Honey performs at the Chicago Theatre in Chicago, IL on 10/10/2019. Photo Credit: © Ian Bardecki 2019

An opening act rarely gets their own write up while touring in support of a larger, more established act in the industry. More especially, an unsigned act. And yet, here we are.

Dirty Honey recently stopped by the Chicago Theatre, opening for Alter Bridge and Skillet, as both of those bands trade-off co-headlining the Victorious Sky tour. It’s easy for some audience members to dismiss opening acts. Especially ones that are not as established as the act they are touring in support of. Concert-goers tend to usually mingle outside the main area getting drinks or food during this time. However, tonight was a little different. Inside on stage, Dirty Honey was just kicking off their set with “Scars” from their debut EP Dirty Honey. While seats in the venue hadn’t yet filled up, people were quickly taking notice from the lobby of the sound being made behind the main seating area doors. By the time the band finished their second song, “Break You”, seats inside the venue were quickly filling up. Audience members were on their feet, raising their fists to every beat of the drum from Corey Coverstone.

Justin Smolian of Dirty Honey performs at the Chicago Theatre in Chicago, IL on 10/10/2019. Photo Credit: © Ian Bardecki 2019

The band lays claim to Led Zeppelin as their main influence, but you wouldn’t be wrong to hear a bit of Guns N’ Roses with a dash of AC/DC either. The band has quickly developed their own sound of hard rock dipped in the blues, and their music doesn’t try to shy away from that. Marc Labelle’s voice on “Heartbreaker” drips with angst and emotion in every lyric. While John Notto’s hard-luck guitar riff, coupled with the bass lines from Justin Smolian, make this the epitome of breakup anthems that will be sure to be played by those who have felt wronged.

John Notto of Dirty Honey performs at the Chicago Theatre in Chicago, IL on 10/10/2019. Photo Credit: © Ian Bardecki 2019

Dirty Honey wrapped up the set with their history-making single, “When I’m Gone” – which by this time, the venue was now full, and not one person was using their seat. Fists raised, heads banging, and those who were already aware of the band, singing along with their songs. Their final song in their set, “Rolling 7s”, a sexy, slinky blues number, is also their latest single to be released that is by no surprise, also quickly climbing the charts. Dirty Honey is not an act to be missed if they come to your town. They quickly engage with their audience and their live shows are energetic. While they have been getting their feet wet touring and opening for larger acts such as The Who, Guns N’ Roses as well as Slash, Alter Bridge and Skillet, it won’t be too long before Dirty Honey is the name at the top of the billing. With the way their music sails up the charts, it’s clear that everyone loves the taste of Dirty Honey.

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Dirty Honey Setlist:
Break You
Down the Road
When I’m Gone
Rolling 7s

Show Date: 10/10/2019

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