BREAK THE BARRIERS To End the Stigma Around Mental Health

Backline recently announced Break The Barriers; a movement and pledge campaign aimed at ending the stigma around mental health. The pledge is about participant commitment to take care of their own mental health while taking action against systemic barriers so it is easier for communities of color to access critical resources.

Break The Barriers is partnering with the Black Mental Health Alliance, Silence The Shame, Latinx Therapy, Black Music Action Coalition, SONA (Songwriters of North America), FEMME HOUSE, Women In Music, and more. Break The Barriers has also launched #MentalHealthMondays; a weekly Instagram Live series featuring vulnerable conversations around mental health with music industry and mental health professionals. 

JoJo Simmons, co-Founder 3isFor, Growing up Hip-Hop, says, “Ever since the pandemic mental health has become an issue and growing concern for many people, Backline’s Break the Barriers campaign aims to help demystify and destigmatize this conversation across communities that need these resources the most. I want to lend my voice and platform to influence and encourage my community, followers and extended network to get involved. Take the pledge, ask someone how they are doing and know that together we have the power to change the narrative and change lives. 3isFor is proud to sponsor and champion this important cause.” 

Backline has also revealed the Break The Barriers Portal, where Artists, Organizations, and Fans can access mental health resources, critical messaging, and digital toolkits aimed at making it easier to implement and uphold mental health in workplaces, concerts, and communities.

“Break The Barriers is a movement that aims to end the stigma around mental health by asking folks first and foremost to take care of their mental health. The more we talk about our mental health, the less taboo it will be. Break The Barriers also aims to address the systemic and historical barriers that have been set in place for BIPOC communities when seeking out mental health care. We believe that by acknowledging the logistical, structural, historical barriers that BIPOC communities have faced, we can bring not only solutions to changing the system but also much needed healing to these communities. We want to encourage folks to have these vulnerable conversations around mental health in the hopes that it will allow others to feel able to share their own stories. There is so much power in sharing your story and in bearing witness to others. We are so excited to launch the first call to action with the pledge and ask all to sign and share with their own communities to help us break the barriers and end the stigma around mental health!” ~Terra Lopez (Backline / Break The Barriers) 

There is momentum happening! More than 25 companies have already signed the pledge.