Blues Traveler Bring Their Four Live Tour to Grand Rapids, Michigan

John Popper from Blues Traveler performing at 20 Monroe Live in Grand Rapids, MI on November 13, 2019. Photo Credit: ©Kim Zahnow 2019

Grand Rapids, MichiganBlues Traveler unleashed a torrent of much needed energy to a full house of Michiganders breaking out from an early snowstorm. Celebrating their Grammy-Award winning album Four, John Popper (singer/harmonica), Chan Kinchla (guitar), Brendon Hill (drums), Tad Kinchla (bass) and Ben Wilson (keyboards) performed their breakthrough album in it’s ENTIRETY at 20 Monroe Live.

Blues Traveler is known for their improvisational live shows, but this tour has raised the bar high and is giving honour to the album that took them to the next level. The music was magic and transformed the event into an iconic blues club with the harmonica, guitar licks, and the crowd singing along to favourites like “Run-Around” and “Hook.”

Known for their uninterrupted transitions from song to song, there is only little talk from the band. When John Popper addressed the audience, I could not help but find significance of his words, “Tip your bartenders ladies and gentlemen, look at these poor souls working hard to make your drinks.” Was this an acknowledgment and hat tip to the past? Was it an appreciation for the foundation of people that helped the band succeed in the early years? The perfectly organized production of today began 30 years ago with bartenders playing a significant role in their success. While growing their roots, playing the live bar scene and connecting with fans, they experienced their introduction to David Letterman, which ultimately gave them a national stage!

Kudos to you Blues Traveler for being connected to your roots after over 25 years of fame and great success.

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Opening for Blues Traveler was a soulful new band called Magnolia Boulevard. This band consists of Maggie Noelle (vocals/guitar), Gregg Erwin (guitar), Todd Copeland (drums), John Roberts (bass) and Ryan Allen (keyboardist).

Magnolia Boulevard began their journey surrounded by the beautiful scenery of white fences and the majestic horses of in Lexington, Kentucky. The band is now getting national attention with their exciting music. They set the vibe of the evening with their blues/rock sound that seemed to flow flawlessly into the Blues Traveler set. Maggie Noelle shared, “I am a firm believer if you love somebody, you need to let them know” as they began their new song “Sister.”  The band gave Gregg Erwin an opportunity to show off his insane guitar skills that left you wanting more.

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Show Date: 11/13/2019