Blacktop Mojo Release New Video/Single From Their Latest EP

The band from East Texas also known as Blacktop Mojo, released a new single/video, off their latest EP Static (released May 2020). The new single is called ‘Signal’s Gone’ and it premiered on the band’s YouTube page on Sep 8, 2020.

“All too often today, people have the option of not having the hard conversations with the people in their lives because we no longer have to do it face to face. It is much easier to “ghost” someone, and let a relationship fade in time with no real closure than it is to look that person in the eye and say, ‘This isn’t working.'” – Matt James

To find out more information, about purchasing the latest EP from Blacktop Mojo, go to for details.

Blacktop Mojo members: Matt James (Vocals), Nathan Gillis (Drums), Ryan Kiefer (Lead Guitar), Matt Curtis (Bass) and Chuck Wepfer (Guitar). Image courtesy of TAG Publicity 2019.

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