Album Review: New Album From The Chesterfield, Early Days

When you think of Australia, many things should come to mind. Some example, when you think of Australia, the Sydney Opera House, Koalas, Hugh Jackman (best known as Wolverine) and Chris Hemsworth (currently known as Thor in the Marvel Comics). These are only a few things that the country from down under is famous for, however, there might be something else that will be catching people’s attention soon.

The other day, I received a virtual package on my desk. I was given a copy of a new album to listen to/review; it was from a band called The Chesterfield Band. The Alternative/indie band was officially formed in 2018 and their members include Tess (vocalist), CC Hall (vocalist/guitarist), Dylan Harding (Drummer) and Craig Marshalsey (bassist). According to their Facebook about page, they are a “… a luscious, raw, high energy indie root vibe created by a band who blur the lines between friends and family.”

The album is called Early Days and it is an EP containing six songs. According to the CD release, the album is a collection of songs, written when Tess and her dad would sit in the kitchen, writing and singing.

One of the strongest songs, on the album, is the first track “Home”. This was one of the singles that was released in 2018. It is a catchy tune that with well-played guitar and well-written lyrics, after listening to is, you will want to go home. You could say that it is the feeling of home, all rolled up in a song. 

Another song that might peek your attention, is “Standing Still”. Some could say it has a bluey feel with a slower beat compared to the other songs on the EP. The guitar playing and the drum are strong, after listening to it (for some reason) a vision of Tess singing in a smoked filled bar singing in a spotlight. The typical scene, at least to me, when it comes to listening to a song like this. 

The funds or profits from the EP is said to be used for the band’s next step. They are planning on touring Europe in 2019. The detail of the tour is unknown right now. But you might want to keep an eye on the Chesterfield’s website or the Chesterfield’s Facebook page for detail. The album will be released March 14, 2019. To get your own copy of Early Days, check out the bands’ website for detail or check out Itunes.

Track List:

  1. Home (03:22)
  2. Our North Star (03:16)
  3. Imagining Nothing At All (03:48)
  4. Standing Still (04:21)
  5. If It Doesn’t Hurt (03:42)
  6. If You Love (03:19)

Release Date: March 14,2019
Label: Mojo Ideas

DBM Rating: 8.0