Album Review: David Leonard Releases New Album The Wait

David Leonard Album Cover
Image courtesy of Press Here Publicity 2019
David Leonard Press Image
Image courtesy of Press Here Publicity 2019

David Leonard is known as one part of the Grammy-nominated and writing duo, All Sons & Daughters. He has also worked bands, such as Jackson Waters, Need To Breathe but he returns to the spotlight with his first solo album The Wait. The album is thirteen songs of Leonard “…wrestling through heartache, depression, confusion, and redemption with his family and God”. The album was produced by David Leonard, Brad King, and Seth Talley.

The “Wanderer” and “By My Side” are first two tracks of the album. I would have to say that they are not the strongest songs of the album. The tempo of each song is slower with some of the lyrics are a predictable plus the lyrics repeat themselves. However, if you listen to the overall content they can be inspiring.

“Signs of Life” and “Know Your Heart” are better examples of David Leonards work. Both of these songs are stronger, compared to the first two with the writing and the content. With both of these songs, there seems…the best way to describe it, is more hear in the songs (no pun intended).

Some of the other better examples of David Leonard work would be songs that are “The beginning of Come As You Are”, “Share This Burden”, “Threads” and “The Little That I know”. From listening to them, each song is well written and performed. As mentioned before, appears to be more “heart” and that heart to come through for the listener…at least this listener. That is what makes an album like this works.

The bottom link is this, I have been listening to the album for the past few day. Overall the album is a well orchestrated, written and well performed by David Leonard. Would I say that it is the perfect album, no. But if you are looking for inspiring music than you might want to check this album out. If you want to purchase a copy of it then you can go to either Amazon or Itunes or go to Spotify if you want to listen to it online.

The Wait Track Listing:

  1. Wanderer (3:06)
  2. By My Side (3:46)
  3. Signs Of Life (2:58)
  4. Know Your Heart (3:59)
  5. Come As You Are [Intro] (1:12)
  6. Come As You Are (4:32)
  7. Share This Burden (3:44)
  8. There’s Nobody (3:40)
  9. I Will Wait (4:21)
  10. Distant God (3:20)
  11. You Know Me (5:19)
  12. Threads (3:54)
  13. The Little That I Know (3:05)

Release Date: March 15, 2019
Album Length: 13 Tracks | 46 Minutes, 56 Seconds
Producer: David Leonard, Brad King, and Seth Talley
Label: Integrity Music

DBM Rating: 8/10

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