UK Pop Punk Upstarts Single By Sunday Release New Video!

Single By Sunday || Photo Courtesy of NGAGENCY

From theme parks to go-carts, to the stage. The latest video “I Want You (You Want Me)” from Glasgow Scottish pop-punk rockers and recent Los Angeles transplants, Single By Sunday, show the fun side of the band who aren’t afraid to show a more lighthearted side and not take themselves too seriously, as their latest release is sure to be heard across venues and campuses this spring and summer. Taking a cue from fellow UK rockers The Struts, the band has been successfully releasing EPs with catchy singles and quickly amassing a huge following.

In the same vein as fellow pop-punk rockers Blink 182 and Green Day, Single By Sunday has built their music around raucous guitars and undeniably catchy melodies that have become the signature sound of the band. They show no sign of slowing down as their fanbase seems to be growing to new heights as the anticipation for new music is a constant theme among their fans. Coming off a recent headline tour of the UK, the band has released 4 EPs to date; Get Up Get Out, Atom Bomb, Watch Out World and Punk-U.

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