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Here Come The Mummies Proves Embalming is Good for the Soul...

Djer, the third Pharaoh of Egypt, said it best (loosely translated), “A little embalming is good for the soul! Let’s make some music and funk things up!!” With Djer’s tragic death in 2955 B.C., 11 mummies (was Djer one of them?) vowed to immortalize his words. On December 5th, 2019, Here Come The Mummies (HCTM) exited the tomb to put on a memorable show at the Broadberry in Richmond, VA.

Matt Maeson Comes Home Sharing Tales of a Journey into Darkness...

Homecomings are not just for the holidays anymore. Local artist, Matt Maeson, created his own holiday when he took to the stage at the sold-out Broadberry in Richmond, VA on November 3rd, 2019. Unlike so many homecomings during the holidays, there were no discussions on why the Lions can’t win on Thanksgiving, why the turkey this year is more moist than the one last year (thankfully there were no turkeys), or what exactly is in the green jello-like substance that appears to have slivers of carrots dispersed throughout.
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