Rising Chicago Artist Alexander 23 Releases New Single “When I Die”

Alexander 23 || Photo Courtesy of Universal Music Group / Interscope Records

Listening to “When I Die”, the latest single from Rising Chicago electro-pop artist Alexander 23, it seems that Universal Music and Interscope Records know a good thing when they hear it. “When I Die” has a great upbeat to it, while still flowing with Alexander 23’s melancholy sound.

Dealing with one’s mortality can at times be a hard subject to conquer. The opening lyric of, “I hope that people are sad when I die. But that I don’t die for a long time, no. If I go soon, have a drink and sing along”, sets the tone for the song by acknowledging our mortality, but also wishing that we’re still going to be around for a while to enjoy it. But when we do go, we want people to be sad that we’re going to be missed.

The song also inspires people to be the best version of themselves that they can be, “I hope that people are sad when I die. And talk about all of the times I gave a dollar to a stranger who needed it more than I.” The song describes perhaps what we all hope people would think about ourselves after we’re gone. We all wish to be remembered as a good person who thought of others.

“When I Die” is a great follow up to “Dirty AF 1’s”, which incidentally debuted on Apple Music as the ‘Bop of the Week’ when it was released, and has over 1 million streams. Currently, on tour with Alec Benjamin, Alexander 23 is selling out venue performances to rave reviews, with fans singing along to his songs. Be sure to catch him now when he comes around to your town. If Alexander 23 keeps this up, tickets aren’t going to be any easier to come by.

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